Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Go Green on Your Next Vacation

Eco-Friendly Vacation Tips

Do you do your part for the environment most of the time, but you're not sure how to stay eco-conscious while on vacation? It's not as hard as you think! By following a few basic green travel tips, you’ll do your part for the environment and get more out of your vacation.

For example, say you are planning on visiting our nation's capital. Here are seven tips for making your vacation greener and better for the earth!

1. Only stay in Washington DC hotels that have recycling programs. You’ll be able to find this information on the hotel website. If the hotel you’re at doesn’t end up having a recycling program, keep your recyclables and take them to the nearest center.

2. Reuse your towels and sheets instead of having the room service attendant change them every day. Either tell the front desk that you don’t need frequent room service or keep the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door most days.

3. Take short showers to conserve water. Also, turn the faucet off when you’re brushing your teeth, as you probably do at home. When possible, use cold water instead of warm water.

4. When you’re not going to be in your room, turn off all electronics, including the lights and air conditioner. Even if you're staying in a hot destination, the room will cool down after just a few minutes of having the AC on, so you don't need to leave it running all day long while you're out and about.

5. Bring your own toiletries instead of using the ones provided by the hotel. Get small bottles and fill them up with your own products from home. If you still have toiletries in your room at the hotel, bring them home with you so they don’t simply get thrown out and wasted.

6. Pack light if you’re going to be flying to your destination. Heavy bags make the aircraft heavier, which means it has to use more fuel, which makes more pollution. When possible, only bring a carry-on instead of checking luggage.

7. Instead of purchasing a guidebook, download one on your phone or tablet. Or, borrow one from the library. You can also look for a mobile app that has an updated guide of the city.

These tips may not seem like they’ll make a huge difference, but when each person does their part to go green, you can really make a huge impact on the planet.

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