Monday, May 11, 2015

Baby's First Birthday Invitations and Party Supplies

 Choosing the Right Baby Party Invitation

Flannel Thanks Children's Stationery
Flannel Thanks Children's Stationery

Baby's First (Lumberjack) Birthday

There's an important day coming up in our house: Baby T's first birthday! I'm thinking a lumberjack/outdoorsman theme, because he looks so handsome in plaid. (And he's built solid--like a little woodsman!) I've picked out some of my favorite invitations and party supplies from to celebrate the event. If you have a favorite invitation, let me know! I'm struggling to decide between four main options. There's so much to choose from on the stationery and art website!

The above Lumberjack Thank You Card for children is clearly a top-contender. I've checked out the customization tool, and I can make this thank you card into an invitation if I want to. I am in love with the wrap-around return address label!

Here's a second possibility--the Critter Camping Children's Invitation with the tent in the woods. It comes as a postcard or a folded card, with lots of customization options. I'm leaning toward the red because it seems more lumberjack-ey.  The folded card is available in 100% recycled paper!

Critter Camping Children's Birthday Party Postcards
Critter Camping Children's Invitation Postcard


Inviting Responsibility: Planting Trees and Buying Recycled Products

You may be wondering why I, a green blogger, would be sending out paper invitations. Let me confess that I love mail, sending cards, and writing letters. There's something special about receiving a physical reminder that others are thinking about you. It's always a wonderful surprise to find an actual letter or card in my mailbox. Usually we only receive bills and advertisements, so an honest-to-goodness baby birthday or baby shower invitation is a real treat!

Campsite Kids Party Invitations
Campsite Kids Party Invitations

It's because I love receiving cards that I want to share that happy feeling with others. Of course I want to share these letters in an environmentally responsible way. That's why I chose these cards from Minted has partnered with Plant-IT 2020, a non-profit organization that plants indigenous tree seedlings, to plant 10,000 trees by September 30, 2015. These 10,000 trees represent 7 times the amount of tree-material used in their products! You can check out their pledge and information here at the minted Tree Planting Program Page. Not only has pledged to donate to plant trees this year, but they have also pledged that each year they will increase their donation amount! Of course you can tell why I choose to order from! 

Coordinating Party Supplies and Decor for Baby's Party

Great Outdoors Party Decorations

The above "Great Outdoors" invitations really communicate the lumberjack feel that I'm looking for, with the option to have a plaid back and a plaid envelope liner. The cards at are all customizable, so I tested out a version of this card that read, "You're invited to Lumberjack Land." I liked the alliteration. Other pros for this design include the option of 100% recycled paper and coordinating plaid decor sets, including bunting, stickers, table runners, food labels, and even confetti. Again, I love the plaid! This would make decorating for Baby T's party so simple and stress-free!

Campsite Circle Garlands

Making the Right Choice for Baby and the Earth

This Woods Baby Shower Invitation  would also be ideal for an outdoors-ey baby shower or birthday party. The cards at are fully customizable, so feel free to look in other categories throughout the site. I found my ideas throughout their offerings, including in kids' parties, baby shower invitations, thank you cards, and wedding decoration packages.

This gentle card is perfect for our gentle giant and is also available in 100% recycled paper. The paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste and is manufactured with wind-power! Music to my ears. It's so refreshing to find cute stationery that's made from 100% recycled paper.

In the Woods Baby Shower Invitations
In the Woods Baby Shower Invitation

Another advantage of this fox, tree, and bird design is that it's available with coordinating thank you cards and address labeling. I love trying out the customizations and seeing the "stamp" look that minted uses for their free addressing option. It's a perfect match with this woodsy card!

In the Woods Baby Shower Invitations

Now that I've spent a few hours playing with all the options and customizing the lumberjack birthday cards to the max, I love them all almost too much to decide! What do you think? Which should I get for Baby T?

Should I go with the minted lumberjack card, the squirrel kids' camping card, the classic "great outdoors" card, or the fox baby shower card? I'm having such a hard time deciding! At least they all feature that wrap-around return address label that I love, because otherwise that might be a deciding factor, I must admit. Leave me a comment and help me get the cutest and most earth-friendly option for our party!

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