Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mama Cloth Reusable Pads from Eco Stitches By Cammy {Review}

 Mama Cloth: Reusable Feminine Pads!

Using Mama Cloth is a great way to keep your body and the earth healthy and happy! Mama cloth from Eco Stitches By Cammy is not only gorgeous, but comfortable and practical as well, as you can see in the ice-dyed pads above. These three pads are topped with beautifully hand-dyed organic bamboo velour, which is incredibly soft and luxurious! Read on for details on materials and use in my full review of Eco Stitches By Cammy below.

The three pads that I reviewed are regular/daytime flow pads, made with a top layer of organic bamboo velour, which is amazingly soft and resists stains. As you can imagine, those are very important qualities to have in a reusable pad! The absorbent layer of the pads is one layer of Zorb, a man-made material that is incredibly light and absorbs liquid quickly and easily. The backing of the pads shown is a cream fleece, which is the layer that goes against the underwear. The fleece prevents leaks and prevents the pad from sliding around during the day. Each pad came with one set of snaps on triangle-shaped wings to attached around the undies and hold the pad in place.

I really appreciate that the pads' top layer is made with natural and organic materials, which allows the skin to breathe. If anything makes me cranky, it's being uncomfortably warm and feeling confined. So I must seek out mama cloth that does not feel like plastic pants! These pads from Eco Stitches By Cammy were truly comfortable all day and did not add any warmth, even though they are soft and cuddly.

I mentioned earlier that the fabric for these pads is dyed using the ice-dying method. As Cammy explained to me, "You put your fixative soaked fabric in a bin, cover it with ice or snow, and sprinkle different colored powdered dyes over the ice. After melting for 24 hours, you rinse and wash! Everything is totally unique and I use high-quality Procion dyes, so the colors won't fade over time." I really appreciate Cammy explaining this unique and interesting dyeing method to me. The colors truly are beautiful and each pad that I received had its own pattern and color placement. Colors included browns, reds, yellows, golds, oranges, greens, and a touch of blue, as you can see in the close-up picture above. While the organic bamboo velour itself resists staining, I also noted that the ice-dying method and the colors chosen for these pads will also camouflage any stains that might occur. I like my mama cloth to look clean and so I often consciously choose colors and patterns that won't reveal any accidental stains. Also, I tend to keep used pads in a wetbag for up to three days and so I need something tough that will stand up to stains for a few days!

In addition to being incredibly comfortable all day, the mama cloth from Eco Stitches By Cammy did not slip-slide around or impede my activities in any way. There were no leaks and I was hugely impressed with the pads' performance. These pads have quickly made their way into my favorites category and I always look forward to seeing on Facebook what other dyeing methods and patterns Cammy creates.

Here is another set of pads made by Eco Stitches By Cammy. We held a giveaway for these beauties a month ago, with the winner now announced on the post's Rafflecopter widget. Congratulations! You can check out what else Cammy has in stock by visiting her Etsy store at Eco Stitches By Cammy.


Eco Stitches By Cammy also makes a variety of other items that are both beautiful and practical. Check out her reusable snack and sandwich baggies, unpaper towels, lip balms, bath products, teething rings, and baby carrier strap covers! Our kids were in love with the peppermint cocoa lip balm that we received from EcoStitches By Cammy. It went on smoothly and had a true festive hot cocoa flavor that the kids, of course, couldn't get enough of. It's nice to finally find a lip balm with healthy ingredients that my kids can safely use! Please check out Cammy's store and see what other treasures you'll find!

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