Friday, November 8, 2013

Why We Fear Insects and Arachnids #BugOut

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Orkin Ecologist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is so scary about bugs?

Bugs, insects, spiders, and creepy-crawlies are kind of freaky in real-life, but they're also so interesting to learn about!
(Image from Orkin Ecologist Site)
I just learned from the Orkin Ecologist site, a fantastic educational resource for science lovers, that there seem to be three main reasons that humans are afraid of bugs:

1. Some bugs can cause pain and injury to humans (and some are even deadly).

This category includes the famous black widow spider as well as the bullet ant (found in Mexico). Ants are definitely my #bugout bug, because they never travel alone. If you see one ant, you're probably standing on an entire ant hill. They swarm, they're tiny, and they're everywhere. Ugh. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. (I really really hope my kids never want to own an ant farm! I would have to say yes for the science and learning purposes, but I would secretly fear a home invasion.)

2. The larger the bug, the freakier it is.

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, anyone? I think that seeing a spider the size of a plate would definitely scare me witless. The good news is that these big hairy spiders, like tarantulas are usually not especially dangerous to humans. Their bark is bigger than their bite, so to speak.

3. Bugs that live on or in humans are especially creepy.

Is this self-explanatory enough? Lice? Gross. Parasites? Double gross. The Human Botfly? Triple gross! When I read about the human botfly in the world’s scariest bugs article, I was so disgusted (and also strangely curious). Apparently they're not super harmful for humans (and so you're thinking, "Okay, that's not so bad.") HOWEVER, the human botfly lives under your skin and eats your flesh until it's ready to move on to its next stage of life. (And now's when you feel the need to take a boiling shower RIGHT AWAY!)
So in conclusion, there are plenty of reasons to fear bugs. The most legitimate seems to be our need for self-preservation. We know that some bugs can hurt us, and so we tend to dislike them all.
I was very impressed when I learned that Orkin values every creature's place on the planet and seeks to understand their place in the environment. They need to learn as much as they can about pests to help control them when needed, and to do so in the most environmental way possible. They even keep scientists on staff to keep science at the forefront of their work. They're fascinated by bugs and have created "The Ecologist" site to celebrate the science and uniqueness of bugs and to share that information with others.
You can learn more fun and interesting facts from the Orkin Ecologist on Facebook and the Orkin Ecologist on Pinterest. You know your kids will love learning about bugs and I bet you will, too!

What about you? What are your #BugOut moments? I'd love to hear about them! You can comment or tweet out your craziest #BugOut moment!

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