Saturday, November 23, 2013

Firmoo Fashionable Glasses First Pair Free Online {Review}

Firmoo Prescription Glasses Review

I have never gotten so many compliments on my glasses. Random people in the elevator. My most sullen student. The nurse at my flu shot appointment. It's to the point where it's almost disconcerting.

They're all shocked when I tell them that I ordered my glasses online. They're even more surprised when I tell them that they can get their First Pair Free from Firmoo glasses.

This is actually my third pair of glasses from Firmoo glasses. I've ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses, my husband was jealous and got himself a pair of men's prescription sunglasses as well, and now I've gotten an amazing pair of prescription glasses. In a way, I thought they were a little silly when I got them: purple with a touch of cat-eye. But hey, I've always loved purple and cat-eye glasses. I decided to go for it and knew that I would have fun wearing them. And I have!

Read on for more details about how the glasses work for my vision and tips on ordering glasses online.

Quality of Online Eyeglasses from Firmoo

These glasses from Firmoo have such a clear, crisp prescription. They are every bit as good, if not better, than the glasses that I got from my optometrist. It's not like a have super easy prescription either, I do have an astigmatism in my left eye and need quite a strong prescription there too. Firmoo nailed it! The frames have help up to toddler hugs, footballs to the face, and some couch and bed squishing. (I fall asleep quickly and sometimes don't have the foresight (pun intended) to put my glasses on my nightstand or the coffee table!)

How to Order Glasses Online

Here's my tip for ordering glasses from Firmoo. When you go to the eye doctor, ask for a written copy of your prescription when you leave. Make sure to get it IN WRITING so that you know that your numbers are correct. Also make sure to check for your pupillary distance (PD) on the paper, because this may not be something they usually include, but you will need it to order glasses online. If you don't have an appointment coming up for a while, drop by your optometrist's office and get a copy or ask them to fax you a copy. From what I was told, they cannot give the information to you over the phone for liability reasons.

While surfing for glasses online, make sure to use the Virtual Try-On System from Firmoo. Most people are worried about buying glasses without being able to try them on. The Virtual Try-On System eliminates that problem! You can upload a picture of yourself and try glasses on virtually. It's a good way to see if the glasses will look great or goofy.

I am just so pleased with my glasses from Firmoo. They are great glasses, the prescription was right on, and you really can't beat FREE glasses! I would feel totally confident in ordering glasses again from them.

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