Sunday, November 10, 2013

Deluxe Collapsible Eco Salad Bowl {Review}

Eco-Friendly Lunch Container: Deluxe Collapsible Salad Bowl!

The Deluxe Collapsible Eco Salad Bowl from Smart Planet Home is a great way to take a healthy lunch on the go!

This deluxe salad bowl is a great eco-friendly lunch container to take your salads and other lunches with you to work or school. The base collapses for easy storage, and expands to create a large salad bowl. The top container can be filled with toppings, sides, and dressing. The deluxe salad bowl comes with a dressing container and a spork that fit right into the lid.

Read on to learn more about this eco-friendly deluxe collapsible salad bowl and how we've been loving it at our house.

The base of the eco-friendly salad bowl is made of silicone and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. The flexible base expands to double the size, creating a large and protected space for your salad or other lunch items! Then when you need to store the bowl, just collapse it back to its smaller size and it takes up less space to store!

The toppings tray sits in the top portion of the bottom base bowl. It won't squish your food, because there's a ridge that it rests on. The toppings tray has three compartments for toppings, other vegetables, or other snacks. In the middle goes a tiny circular tub with its own lid for dressing.  Over all this goes a grooved lid that fits quite snugly over the bowl, toppings tray, and dressing tub. The lid even contains a fork-spoon combo that fits in the lid!

The Collapsible Deluxe Salad Bowl has been great to have for our lunches. Because my husband and I are both graduate students, we spend a lot of time on campus and need to save money by bringing our own lunches. I really wanted something that was reusable and could support healthy eating. I love that this bowl is specially designed for salads. But if I'm in the mood for a sandwich, there's plenty of room in the bottom compartment for a sandwich or other foods. You can fit quite a bit down there without it getting squished!

It's very convenient how the dressing cup fits right into the upper compartment. (In the top picture, we just filled up the middle itself instead of using the dressing cup.) The only thing that I don't like about the cup is that it can be hard to open. It is great to keep the dressing separate though so that the other foods don't get slimy and there is no leaking.

Another great feature of the Salad Bowl is that the fork-spoon combo utensil snaps right into the lid itself! I really appreciate that the fork and spoon can be carried as a part of this lunch kit. It means that I won't forget my utensils and that they won't take up extra room or get lost in my bag. They are difficult to turn from their "closed" to the "open" position. I was afraid I'd break them! They eventually clicked open, but it was a struggle. The good news is that they won't swing shut on accident!

Overall, I really love the Eco-Friendly Collapsible Deluxe Salad Bowl. It's a convenient way to take food with me to school (and work!). The different compartments and levels make it easy to bring a variety of foods and they keep the food separate until you're ready to mix them up! The main thing that I would change about the salad bowl is to make all the components dishwasher safe--some are and some aren't. We don't use the heated dry on our machine, so I'm hoping that all the parts can go in anyway. The salad bowl really contains everything you need to create a great salad or lunch. The dressing cup and included snap-in fork/spoon utensil are really great lunch solutions!
Makes lunch better than ever!

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