Monday, October 7, 2013

Yummi Pouch Refillable Squeeze Pouches {Review}

Yummi Pouch Refillable Pouches

Pouch foods in general are so popular because they're not messy and they're easy to take on the go!

However, the problem with most pouch foods that you purchase in the grocery store is that the pouches are used one time and are then trashed. That's why Yummi Pouch has created a reusable refillable pouch that can be washed and reused!

We absolutely love our Yummi Pouches and use them nearly every day! They are a great way to send homemade applesauce with my kindergartner to school. I know that it won't spill in his lunch and is a great way to reduce our waste. Plus it's a way to get him to eat fruits at school!

Yummi Pouches are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, making them a safe choice for you and your family. You can read more about the Yummi Pouch here.

Read on to hear more about the Yummi Pouch reusable pouches and to learn more about our experience using these great refillable squeezey pouches!

Yummi Pouches are designed to be used over and over with ease and convenience. They have a zipper top that opens wide for filling, and an expandable bottom gusset that opens to allow hands-free standing while filling and also more to fit in the pouch. You can see in this picture that the Yummi Pouch is easy for everyone to use--my 2 year-old daughter is helping my mother fill up a Yummi Pouch.

Like I said, we send a Yummi Pouch to school with my kindergartner nearly every day. The pouches are easy and quick to fill, fun to use, and they even go in the dishwasher! I find that it's best to rinse the pouches out and then put them in the dishwasher on the top rack over two tongs. They get clean with minimal effort!

We have also had no problems with the zippers breaking (unlike with another brand that we have) and they hold 6 oz., which is a great amount for both kids and adults. (I find that my kids guzzle applesauce, so they could probably eat more than me anyway!)

Also make sure to check out the Yummi Pouch Store, Yummi Pouch Facebook, and Yummi Pouch Twitter. You'll find cute new designs and information about special events and sales!

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