Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting a Masters Degree Online

Getting a Masters Degree Online in Geographic Information Systems

 For today's students, one of the primary goals is to obtain a degree in a cost-effective and efficient manner. These students don't want to spend years going after a degree that could have been had in little more than a year.

School is just too expensive, and more students are ready to get out into the world to make some money. This is especially true of those people who are currently pursuing geographic information systems (GIS) degrees.

The good news is that today, students can get a masters in GIS relatively quickly from well-respected colleges. USC is a good example of a well-respected school that's now offering a GIS degree to students who are willing to get things done quickly. What's more interesting? The school's offering this program entirely online.

The skills learned in GIS degree programs

There are many skills that students learn in these interesting programs. For the most part, they're learning to deal with data systems, a skill that can be highly useful and transferable across many disciplines. The good thing about this kind of education is that it can be done on the Internet without too much problem. There are some degree programs, of course, where in-person learning is probably a good thing. A communications degree, for instance, might work better if students are able to practice their speaking skills in front of a live audience. With GIS degrees, though, it might be easier to teach the necessary skills online, since most of the degree is high analytical.

The real benefits of online education

Many people will talk about cost as the primary consideration for getting a masters online. That's certainly a huge part of the decision-making matrix for most people who end up going to school online. There's a factor that's even more important, though. That factor is control. Students who enroll in today's online programs have much greater control over their own educational path. They can decide when to finish their program, and they can decide when they want to work on things everyday. Education should not be a trap, and online programs make this concept a reality on a daily basis.

The stigma's gone

More students are figuring out that there's no longer a stigma attached with going to school online. Simply put, it is the smart thing to do for most students today. Employers now view these degrees with respect, and they may even reward job seekers for being smart enough to make a good decision in the course of getting their degree.

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