Monday, September 30, 2013

Simple Luxuries Natural Lotion Bars {Review}

Have you ever wanted to apply lotion to your legs or feet, but didn't want to get lotion all over your hands as well?

Check out these Lotion Bars from Simple Luxuries!

They are mess-free and totally portable--and allow you to put on lotion without getting it on your hands if you don't want to!

Simple Luxuries Lotion Bars are made from natural ingredients that are safe for your body and the earth.

To read more about our experience with the Simple Luxuries Lotion Bar and to see the giveaway link for $25 in natural products from Simple Luxuries, read on.

Simple Luxuries Lotion Bars are made from Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Vitamin E. The lotion bars come in what looks like teeny tiny deodorant containers--basically a roll-up container-- so that there is no mess. These won't spill or leak, because they are a solid! (Of course you have to be careful that they don't melt and then leak, just like you would with any kind of solid beauty product.)

And think: a lotion that you can easily take through airport security!!

The maker and creator of Simple Luxuries grew up on a farm and really understands the power of nature in taking care of our bodies. She makes a whole line of wonderful and natural products including natural soap, shampoo bars, bug repellant, dead sea salt scrubs, lip balms, lip shines, and soy candles and tarts.

Now, here is my experience with the Simple Luxuries Lotion Bars. I am loving the lotion bar so much! I keep in in my backpack so that I can always have it with my on campus. It's so nice to know that it's not going to spill and get all over my jump drive or notebooks.

The lotion glides onto my skin really smoothly and I love the Pink Sugar scent that I chose. The lotion does take a moment to be absorbed, so I really like that I can use the lotion where I need it and not get it on my fingers. That means that I can put on lotion and get right back to reading a book or typing on my computer. You can see how dry and cracked the skin on my foot was--particularly on my big toe. After using the Lotion Bar, my skin was much smoother and more comfortable!

I also like these Lotion Bars because my daughter (age 2) is obsessed with lotions and creams. She would slather herself up all day if I let her! The Lotion Bar allows her to have fun with lotion, all while keeping her hands and our carpet, clothing, and furniture a lot cleaner! Here she is lotioning up her toes, knees, and belly. The Simple Luxuries Lotion Bar is so great for kids and it's safe and healthy for their skin!

Another great reason to love Simple Luxuries: A friend of mine has a terrible skin reaction (in addition to other awful reactions) to gluten and stress. Her knuckles get red, raw, and chapped and cause her a lot of discomfort. She tried my Lotion Bar and loved it! Her skin noticeably improved within days of beginning to use the Simple Luxuries Lotion Bars. She loved it so much that she bought quite an assortment of unscented products from Simple Luxuries. They have really been helping her skin! She also brought them with her on a trip to Germany and they were just wonderful to travel with--and unobtrusive to use during class or meetings.

In summary, I really love my Simple Luxuries Lotion Bars. Part of my wishes they were bigger, but that would also make them less portable. I love the smell and they make my skin feel great. The fact that they helped my friend with Celiac disease is also a huge recommendation for the Simple Luxuries products.

You also can win $25 in this Simple Luxuries Natural Beauty Products Giveaway! (Ends 9/30/13)

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