Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Cleaning is Going Green

Carpet Cleaning is Going Green

Carpet cleaning is a thriving industry.

As long as we have homes, we'll have carpeting to care for in them.

However, what few people are aware of is the way in which the carpet cleaning industry has changed. While it remained largely static following the 1970s and the introduction of new housing regulations, in the last decade it has seen a few revolutions in technology and technique.

The first was the introduction of cleaning chemicals that would not affect those with severe allergies and pulmonary conditions. The second was the introduction of truly green cleaning processes.

Even chemicals that don't aggravate the health of a home's human occupants can be harmful for the environment. While the chemical applied to a given carpet might not be harmful, that isn't to say the chemicals that go into its production aren't. To improve this state of affairs, we are seeing an increasing number of cleaners pursuing green solutions for their professional carpet cleaning.

One of the more popular options is steam. Steam is nothing more than heated water, and new technology is allowing for greater precision in the use of steam. There was a time when steam effectively came at one pressure and one temperature for every cleaner that used it, and this made it unsuitable for many cleaning processes. However, now, cleaners have precise control over the temperature and pressure, allowing them to thoroughly clean a wider variety of carpets with nothing more than well-applied, safe, clean water.

Add to this the increasing number of safe and organic cleaning chemicals, and it's plain to see that now that the technology is there, more and more cleaners can and will go green.

The next time you clean your carpets, please take the time to choose a carpet cleaner that uses safe, green, and effective cleaners and cleaning techniques. Green will be better for your health, safety, and the environment!

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