Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash {Review}

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash Review

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash is a great product to keep "on hand" (pun intended!) for you and your children.

Baby Magic is like soap in that it cleans dirt and grime off of hands. However, Baby Magic does not require any water!

When we received our No-Rinse Wash, I was wondering what the difference was between a no-rinse wash and hand sanitizer.

There are a few differences:

First, Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash does not dry hands out like hand sanitizer does. That's because it contains NO alcohol!

Second, the No-Rinse Wash foams and actually cleans off dirt and grime. (My experience with hand sanitizer is that it's not very good at cleaning off dirt--it mostly just rubs it around.)

Third, the No-Rinse Wash requires a washcloth or paper towel (something to wipe the foam off with).

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash also is very concerned about keeping their product safe for families and kids. This wash contains NO quaternium-15 or 1,4-dioxane, and is Paraben Free, DMDM Free, cruelty Free, hypoallergenic, and is made in the USA.

In my family, I often notice after we've already left the house, that my kids' hands, knees, or cheeks are grimy and dirty. I was very excited to have a product that I could take with me on the go and keep in the diaper bag for such situations!

To test out how well the Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash works, we first spent an hour pulling weeds and harvesting vegetables in our garden. My hands and the hands of my two little helpers were dirty and needed to be cleaned up. The foam dispenser on the Baby Magic pump bottle worked great and even my 2-year-old could use it without making a big mess. Here is a "before" picture, where you can see some dirt on their little hands.

In this picture, my son is demonstrating how to use the foam. You can also see how much he was able to dispense by himself. I was able to get about three times that much with one pump.

Really, I find that to be an advantage: the kids can use it, but not so much comes out when they use the pump. Independence and cleanliness!

After rubbing our hands and wiping them on our washcloth (my son also used his shirt--and there were no stains on his shirt afterward!) we had clean hands. (It is also possible to apply the foam directly to a washcloth and then wipe messy areas with the damp washcloth.)

The foam's scent is baby powder and the scent lingers on hands for a few hours after being cleaned. I would love to see a scent-free version released!

In conclusion, I am very happy with Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash. It will definitely have a home in our diaper bag, along with some of our cloth wipes. The only disadvantage of the wash is that it requires a washcloth or other material, although shirts and grass would also work well in a pinch, I imagine.

Please make sure to visit Baby Magic on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube! Keep an eye out for a Baby Magic giveaway coming up soon on Why We Love Green!

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