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Sckoon Organics Menstrual Cup Review

Sckoon Organics Period Cup Review

In the past few months I've made the switch over to cloth pads and have left disposable pads behind. I love the switch! In the cloth diapering world, there's also a lot of talk about reusable menstrual cups. Now that I'm using cloth pads, I'm all set to try out a menstrual cup and see what the hype is all about! (Note that you can use a cup with disposable pads, I just was more comfortable with the other order of things. Sckoon also sells cloth pads!)
So what is a reusable menstrual cup? Well, you can see in these photos of the SckoonCup reusable menstrual cup that menstrual cups are small, long cup-like shapes made out of silicone. They are designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal in much the same way as tampons. However, instead of absorbing the menstrual fluid and expanding, the silicone cup catches the fluid and keeps it all inside the cup. When you go to the bathroom, you remove the cup and empty the contents into the toilet. Then you can rinse out the cup and replace it in the vaginal canal.

The SckoonCup is especially designed for comfort with an incredibly smooth surface. The SckoonCup is made in the USA from FDA-approved soft medical grade silicon. 

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This method of taking care of period fluids can be very clean and earth friendly, because the fluids are kept inside the body until they are ready to be disposed of. They won't be stinking up a pad or messing up your clothes. In addition, the Sckoon Cup can be reused over and over, multiple times within one period and over many periods. The average usable life span of a Sckoon menstrual cup is 2 years. Can you imagine paying once for all of your feminine care needs for 2 years! It's a  great savings and also great for the earth.

So now that you know WHY I would even want to use a menstrual cup (and I was super excited to try out the Sckoon Cup), let me tell you about my own personal experience with the Sckoon cup as a first time menstrual cup user.

I chose the cute blue color for my Sckoon Cup. I knew that having a happy calm color would make me feel better during a typically icky time. I chose the darker blue because I figured it might not show discoloration as much.

First, according to the package directions, I boiled the Sckoon Cup to make sure that it was completely sanitized and ready to use. It kept trying to float, so I used a wooden spoon to make sure that it stayed completely under the water most of the time. The cup also comes with a cute drawstring pouch for storage while out and about and between periods.

In the next picture, I am holding the Sckoon Cup up so that you can get a good idea of how big it is. It is about the size of a medium tulip. The Sckoon Cup actually comes in 2 sizes: one for women who have not given birth vaginally, and one for women who have given birth vaginally.

I used the SckoonCup first on days I would mostly be at home, to see how comfortable it was. (If you use it correctly, you shouldn't be able to feel it.) My first few tries were pretty uncomfortable. I could tell I didn't have it in quite high enough and it kept inching down. The width felt fine, though. I tried a few times over the first two days and just couldn't get comfortable. In addition, inserting the cup gave me mild cramps for a few minutes each time. I don't usually get cramps, so that was slightly discouraging. Of course, it's not like I was inserting the cup gracefully or with skill. As a beginner I felt pretty clumsy and slow, which I'm sure contributed to the cramping. A faster and more accurate insertion of the cup would, I am positive, lead to less cramping.

I figured the Sckoon Cup might be easier to use when my flow got heavier, so I attempted on day 3 and 4 of my cycle. I also decided to trim the stem down, which was a recommended option in the Sckoon package directions. That did help, although I may trim it down even more in the future.

Overall, I think I was able to get the Sckoon Cup positioned nearly correctly once. (To be fair, I recently went on a trip and used tampons the whole time and I am really not good at getting those in well either. After a few days I was at about 50% success with a tampon, so I figure I just need more practice with the SckoonCup.)

Although I wasn't able to have immediate success with the SckoonCup, I am really looking forward to using it in the future. I know that as soon as I am able to use it correctly, I will love the benefits of the SckoonCup, including saving money and feeling more clean. I'm already loving not buying disposable pads and tampons!

The SckoonCup will also enable me to keep my cloth pads from getting as much use. I'll be able to use fewer cloth pads with each period and they'll also stay looking nicer longer. I think the SckoonCup will also make my cloth pad laundry easier, because they will only be used as backup protection. Overall, I definitely recommend SckoonCup as an earth-friendly, healthy, and inexpensive way to take care of yourself during your period.

Please connect with SckoonCup through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You'll find great tips on making your period greener, healthier, and more comfortable for you!

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If you have any questions, please let me know!

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