Sunday, June 16, 2013

Organic Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Taking good care of your household items and decor is good for the earth and the health of your family.

By taking good care of our possessions, we increase their lifespan and keep them out of landfills.

We also require fewer new items to be produced, keeping production waste lower.

As for the health of our family--this is especially important regarding fabric items such as rugs. Cleaning our cloth furnishings can help rid our home of dirt, dust mites, and tracked in chemicals and toxins. This is of course only if the cleaning method and solution itself is safe for your family.

This is where ABC Rug and Carpet Care comes in. They use only organic cleaning solutions to protect your health, protect the environment, and even to prolong the life of your rugs and carpets.

ABC Rug And Carpet Care is a complete rug maintenance and restoration company located in New York. They provide a wide variety of services, including rug cleaning, repair, and restoration.

What sets ABC apart from other cleaning services is their facilities. ABC operates a unique rug cleaning factory that is staffed by trained and experienced technicians. Rugs are brought in and thoroughly cleaned with professional equipment.

Traditional in-home rug cleaners will only clean the top surface of the rug, leaving the underneath saturated with water and chemicals. This can lead to mold, mildew, allergies, and breakdown of the fibers. In contrast, ABC's facility is equipped to clean both the top and underside surfaces of rugs, allowing them to be dried fully. This process effectively removes the cleaning product and reduces the chance of introducing mold spores or other allergic substances back into your home.

In addition to cleaning services, ABC also offers complete repair and restoration services for all types of rugs, thereby allowing you to enjoy your rugs for many years to come. Technicians can repair normal wear and tear as well as reconstruct heavily worn areas. Examples of these services include filling in holes, reweaving, repairing fringes and borders, and color restoration.

ABC's website also offers special percent-off savings and printable coupons which can be applied to a customer's bill, saving extra money on their specialized services.

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