Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Create Art by Up-Cycling Things Lying Around the House

Decorating your home can be a ton of fun, but it can also break the bank. 

Why not get creative and save some cash by being creative? 

Chances are, you've got a pile of things you have been meaning to get rid of, donate, or turn into your next project. 

Instead of spending to decorate your home, up-cycle your old things into something new, beautiful, and frame worthy! 
For those of you who love wine or sparkling juices, every part of the bottle can be re-used and created into something new and amazing. If you have bottles with eye catching labels, try peeling the labels off and creating a mural. You can also use old corks to create a wine cork memo board, which doubles as both decoration and an organization tool. Have bottles of different color tints? Safely smash the bottles into small pieces and create a unique mosaic out of the wine bottle glass.

If wine isn't your thing, take a look at what you have lying around the house. Do you have stacks of old newspapers or magazines that have been collecting dust? Sort through each one and cut or tear out any images, titles, or words that stand out to you. Once you have gone through your stack, create a unique collage with your clippings! (Then recycle the old magazines and papers so they're out of your house.) Your collage can be framed on its own, or used as the background for a decoration. You can also use your clippings to decorate mat boards. The best part? You no longer have a stack of useless paper, but free space and beautiful decorations. 

Sentimental items that no longer hold any use can make great wall art or home decorations. Found a bunch of old house keys? Frame them as an ode to all the homes you've lived in. Have old t-shirts lying around that you can't stand to part with, but no longer wear? Cut out the graphics or the part of the shirt that is most memorable to you, and stretch it over a canvas. You can also make a quilt out of them and use it as a throw blanket. Costume jewelry that you no longer wear can be used as an embellishment on just about anything.

When creating new decorations from old items, the possibilities are endless. Rather than spending money on something new, make art out of old memories!
You can check out my new upcycling board on Pinterest. I'd love to follow any boards of yours--just leave me a comment about your upcycling adventures and/or Pinterest boards.

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