Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zevia Sugar-Free Soda Review

Soda is a real treat at our house. We don't buy it often--and that may be why this Zevia soda never lasts long at our house! It's a hit!

Zevia soda is a zero-calorie full-flavored soda that comes in a wide variety of fun flavors. It's naturally sweetened from the Stevia plant.

I especially loved the Grapefruit Citrus and my mom enjoyed the Ginger Ale. My kids took to the Grape flavor and my husband loved the Ginger Root Beer. We all had a favorite!

There are at least 16 flavors of Zevia out there for you to try! You can also visit the Zevia website to get a $1.50 off coupon!

In addition to the great flavor, I absolutely appreciate that Zevia sodas do not contain artificial dyes. You can see that even the grape soda is crystal clear! I can feel good about this being an occasional treat for my kids. It won't damage them (or my carpets).

The only complaint that I heard about the pack of soda was about the Cherry Cola flavor that I gave to a friend. It wasn't her favorite--too cherry-ey, in her opinion. I don't drink cola, so I have to defer to her opinion on this one.

Overall, we really enjoyed the flavors we tried. It's great to have a zero-calorie soda that is dye-free and made from Stevia! My mom also commented that regular soda can make her feel bloated--but Zevia doesn't have that effect on her at all. Thanks for reading my Zevia review! I'd recommend that you print out that coupon and give Zevia sodas a try!!

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