Friday, May 31, 2013

The Triumph of Good in Life! #Goodlife

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Life definitely has its ups and downs. (Remember the song from the cartoon Robin Hood?)
Sometimes we have to go through the "down moments" in order to experience and appreciate the good things in life. During the difficult times, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But once you have made it through, the thrill of triumphing over adversity is amazing!

I have definitely experienced trials and celebrations in my schooling. I haven't shared this story here before--it's pretty personal--but it is an important illustration of how hard things lead to better things.
Finishing my master's degree became a terrible experience. I had expected to be finished with my degree in German within 2 years. Oh, how wrong I was! Even after my family moved across the country to attend our Ph.D. university, my master's thesis was still not finished. Those times were hard. Every time I got an email from my advisor, I would literally get sick to my stomach. Those were dark and fearful times for me. After dealing with that for three years, I finally finished my thesis.

Now that I am past that painful experience, I am so glad that I pushed through and just kept going. I kept working on my thesis, rewriting and editing until I fell asleep every night on the livingroom floor. After all that hard work, I made it! I have a master's degree! Because I have my master's degree, I was able to get on a faster track in my Ph.D. program, as well as skip some required classes. My resume is a lot better and I now qualify for better jobs with better pay.

Best of all, I showed myself that I can overcome adversity and be the better for it. I have the strength to keep going in hard times and succeed. It sounds cheesy, but I AM A WINNER! Now when things start getting tough or tedious as I work on my dissertation, I think back to how I finished my master's thesis. I just kept on going, even if it was baby steps. So now, I consider my thesis a triumph. I am a stronger and happier person because I finished that work. Life is good! I would love to hear about your triumphs as well!

Allstate Insurance is celebrating the good in life and focusing on uplifting moments, instead of fear and doubt. Allstate Good Life has a whole new outlook for an insurance company! It seems like a much healthier view and is very optimistic. Alstate is the insurance company that celebrates the good in life, not just a company that cleans up the bad things that happen. (Of course they're there for you in every situation, whenever you need them.) We have definitely appreciated having Allstate as our insurance through our move between universities and across the country. They have always been extremely helpful and I am excited about their new "Good Hands for the Good Life" ideals. Check out this fun movie from Allstate!

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