Friday, May 10, 2013

Natural Review Box Monthly Subscription!

Have you been intrigued lately by the subscription box craze?

I know I have! I love surprises and I love to try out new products, especially green and eco-friendly items. 

My new favorite is NaturalReview Sample box from We received a box stuffed full of amazing items like red clay soap, organic loose herbal tea, natural deodorant, an apple cider vinegar shampoo bar, a cloth reusable facial cleaning pad and so much more!

My son and I loved going through the NaturalReview box and looking at the samples. Little J. loved the clay mask package and requested multiple pictures with it! (He also "helped" with the staging and photography of many of the items, because he was so excited about them. It was sweet, but as you can imagine, the photos turned out a little blurry.)

To read more about the NaturalReview subscription box and to hear our opinion of the products, click on "read more."

I liked that the NaturalReview Box was a good sized box, not tiny like other subscription boxes. The box was truly filled up with sample products, although it contained  many full sized products as well! I would consider the soap, tea, face wipe, lip balm, shampoo bar, and tub of lotion to be full-sized. That really impressed me, as these were products that I would like to integrate into my daily life and use more than just once or twice.

So far we have loved the quality of the items in the NaturalReview box. I've been using the natural deodorant (my second experience with natural deo) and I've really loved how it keeps me and my clothes smelling fresh all day! It's not the best to apply, but since it really does it's job of keeping me stink-free, I love it anyway.

I've also been using the cloth facial cleaning square with my new witch hazel toner. The cloth is so smooth on one side and scrubby on the other! I'm in need of more to green my makeup-removal and face-washing routine.

We've also enjoyed that there is a good mix of product types included in the NaturalReview box. There's the tea and coconut oil for consuming, then there are the beauty products like the lip balm and shampoo, and there are even cleaning products like eco-friendly detergent! Getting a Natural Review box is a great way to experience a wide variety of green and eco-friendly items for all areas of your life. The assortment really covered our life well and has introduced us to a number of products that I plan on purchasing in the future.

Another plus about the Natural Review box is its price: $20--and that includes shipping. What a steal! I think this is a great treat for yourself or a great affordable gift for another person. (A green Mother's Day gift, perhaps!?)

If you're not into the idea of a subscription (Oh, the commitment!) then you can check out their Etsy store for Bonus Boxes, which contain a mixture of previously featured items. You can purchase Bonus Boxes without a subscription.

Thank you for reading my NaturalReview Box review! Please check out NatReview and also enjoy their website and blog, which is focused on natural hair and natural living.

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