Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mombo Nursing Pillow Supports Breastfeeding

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Mombo Nursing Pillows support breastfeeding mothers, literally!

Mombo Nursing Pillow Elephants
With my first baby, Little J., I could not have survived breastfeeding without a nursing pillow. I took one with me everywhere we went so that I could nurse. Let's just say I was not gifted in the discreet-nursing area! I really don't think we would have made it through those difficult first months without a nursing pillow.

The Mombo nursing pillow is a great options for nursing moms and moms-to-be because it wraps around mom, giving a supportive rest for baby or mom's arm during nursing. It helps raise baby to the correct height to latch on and nurse, so that mom doesn't develop back problems by bending over to reach her baby during nursing.

The Mombo has two different sides--the soft side is cozy and snuggly, while the firm side gives support and structure. Because the Mombo is also great for tummy time and assisted sitting, the soft side is a great option to give your baby a cozy place to be.

Another fun feature of the Mombo nursing pillow is the vibration feature! Wow, I imagine the vibration feature would have been really helpful in getting my son back to sleep at night. The Mombo is the only nursing pillow that offers vibration. It's a little motorized vibrator circle that you can pop into the side of the pillow to help calm your baby.

In addition, the Mombo features a number of slipcovers in both cute and sophisticated designs. I highly recommend getting 2-3 covers, as they will undoubtedly be spit-up or peed on! Thank goodness for washable covers! My favorite is the Elepaloo design that I found on the Toys R Us website. You can also find lots more covers and other Mombo products at Babies R Us as well. I'd love to hear what patterns you like best!

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