Friday, May 10, 2013

GreenDeals Savings Site Review

Natural products with big discounts! is the place to snag great daily deals on green and natural products for your family.

GreenDeals is like the "Groupon" of natural and earth-friendly products, with limited-time offers with great discounts like 25% off green cleaning supplies or 20% off toddler vitamins.

I ordered a set of Ecover cleaning supplies from that includedeco-friendly all purpose cleaner, household gloves, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner. It was actually hard to choose between all the great deals that they had going on at the time! I was really excited when GreenDeals featured Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags from A Greener Kitchen! I've done a review of these reusable bags and really loved them! (You can see a screenshot of that deal above.)

To reveal the GreenDeals Promo Code and to read my full review, please click on "read more."

Overall, the ordering process was simple and easy to do. You can also donate money to green charities during the ordering process! It was great to take advantage of an easy way to help with a small donation. I ended up deciding on the cleaners because I want my kids to be safe in their home. They also like to "help" me clean, which can be really frightening with conventional cleaners. Of course we also need to be very careful with green cleaners, but I know that they are much safer for my family overall. A few days after I submitted my order, I received an email that they were out of the bathroom cleaner. They offered me to substitute one of the other cleaners or to receive a refund. I opted to go double on the multipurpose cleaner.

The items arrived quickly and I have been so happy with my order. The cleaners are great and as we're trying to get our kids on the whole "chores and responsibility" bandwagon, we're going through cleaners faster than ever before. I love knowing that my cleaners are safe and that I can find more great deals on household items, clothes, cleaners, jewelry, food, toiletries, and more at a great discount from Don't forget to use the discount code listed below!

In addition, so that you can get great green products at any time (and not just when the limited-time deals are being offered), also has a companion site:, where green products are available at regular low prices all the time.

When you sign up for, you can enter the code whywelovegreen5 to get a $5 credit in your account. You can also use whywelovegreen5 as a promo code for $5 off when you check out at Each reader is free to use the code whywelovegreen5!

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