Thursday, May 23, 2013

Free Glasses from Firmoo Glasses!

glasses blue rectangle
Eyewear is a fashionable accessory this spring!

Now you can get a pair of free glasses from Firmoo glasses. They've even updated their New Arrivals collection of spring trends for May.

purple fashion glasses womenWe have ordered free glasses from Firmoo and they are great quality. They match my prescription perfectly and we only had to pay shipping ($7.95). You can read my Firmoo Glasses Review here. What a great deal to get a new pair of glasses or even a backup pair of glasses!

I also love that you can add on extras at Firmoo like tinting, polarized lenses, and many more options! It's so important to protect your eyesight by wearing sunglasses. It's great to be able to get a pair of prescription sunglasses at such an affordable price! Firmoo is the leader in online prescription glasses, with regular prices starting at just $8!

men's glasses fashion firmoo

Here are some fashionable models wearing glasses this spring. You can rock your own prescription glasses in new, cool frames this spring. Firmoo is here to make your life easier with their innovative First-Pair-Free program.

glasses woman model free

(The above model photos are all from Firmoo+.)

Enjoy your free glasses and please leave me a comment about your favorite pair! If this post gets 50 comments, one of the commenters will win a free pair of glasses PLUS free shipping! Please leave a link to your favorite pair of Firmoo glasses in the comments section. The last day for comments to count towards the possible giveaway is 5/28.

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