Friday, May 10, 2013

Ausenco Eco - Engineering Solutions

Ausenco provides engineering and mining project management for minerals processing, transportation systems, energy facilities and other industrial activities.

They ensure that all business activities are conducted in an environmentally sustainable way and that operations and maintenance conform to all relevant regulations and standards.

Their website states that they respect the environment where they work and use sustainability concepts in their designs. Ausenco states that the environment and its sustainability are key influences in energy and resource sectors. That's why Ausenco makes sure to keep the environment as an important factor in their engineering solutions. I love this picture from their website of river cleanup!

Energy solutions offered by Ausenco include both conventional and renewable energy sources as well as energy conservation measures to bring maximum returns on energy investments.

Ausenco is expert in new, improved methods of obtaining and transporting power in the most cost-efficient way, benefiting the customer and the environment. As well as providing power for industry, Ausenco can offer advice on how to use it better. They are experienced in the transport of bulk materials by rail or other methods, saving money, labor and redundancy. As part of their full consultation service, Ausenco can construct a simulation of a transport system so the client can see the layout before construction begins.

Ausenco has more than 85 years of experience in the construction of ports and terminals. From the basic planning of a transport facility through the selection of the equipment and its installation, this company can handle all planning, procurement, labor management, operator training and environmental considerations.

Ausenco’s repertoire includes such diverse projects as mining project management, the construction of oil terminals, cargo terminals, marinas and harbors and barge ramps. Their business spans the globe with clients from British Columbia to Indonesia, and their services and projects can be tailored for any setting or type of facility.

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