Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Second Chance Toys: Helping Kids for Earth Day

Second Chance Toys is a non-profit organization that collects toys in used-but-still-useable condition, and donates these toys to children in need.

Second Chance Toys has donated over 130,000 gently-used plastic toys, making a difference in the lives of thousands of children, and has thereby kept literally tons of non-biodegradable plastic out of landfills.

This organization really exemplifies how reduce-REUSE-recycle is not just good for the earth, but is also a way to help others.

Click on "Read More" to find out about Second Chance Toys' current Earth Day Project!

Second Chance Toys is currently receiving requests daily for toys. If you are interested in helping out in the community (and also decluttering your home) Second Chance Toys is asking local groups to organize toy drives as a part of their upcoming Earth Week toy drive. (Earth Week 2013 is April 17-24.) You can see a detailed list of cities in need of toys posted on their website. Second Chance Toys even makes arrangements to pick up the toys from collection points and deliver them to organizations that have requested the toys.

Make a Difference this Earth Week
Groups that want to start a collection point in their community can get all the information they need at www.secondchancetoys.org/collect-toys. Second Chance Toys will pair each collection drive with an organization in need. For more information, go to: http://www.secondchancetoys.org/contact-us . Please take a moment to consider organizing a used-toy drive that will really make a difference in the lives of children and in the Earth's health. Also check for drives around Earth Day to get rid of unwanted toys that could bless another child's life.

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