Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blogger Opp: $200 Giveaway Sign Ups


Are you a blogger looking for a great group giveaway to be involved in? You can sign up now to be involved in a $200 giveaway! The great thing about this gift card is that it could even be used to buy cloth diapers, bac out, and other natural parenting products!

So check out how Blog with Mom and Adventures of 8 have teamed up with a wonderful online meeting place for pregnancy tips, mommies of babies, and mommies of toddlers called BellyHood! They are looking for 50 other family-friendly pregnancy or baby/toddler niche blogs to help give away a $200.00 Gift Card! Each Blogger will receive a FREE Twitter Link for posting and promoting the free giveaway opportunity and event.

If YOU have a family-friendly pregnancy or baby/toddler-niched blog

CLICK HERE to go sign up NOW to apply for this FREE Giveaway Opportunity!

Thanks for reading! I'm excited about the new site and this upcoming giveaway event!
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