Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Safe Sippy 2: Toddler Travel Sippy Cup with Straw {Review}

We talk a lot about which materials are good for bottles, water bottles, sippy cups, and straw cups on Why We Love Green. (You can read a review of a glass water bottle for adults here.)

Of course it's important to avoid plastics with BPA and PVC for eating and drinking. Because of these recent discoveries in what's harmful about many plastics, many families are tying to avoid plastics in their eating and drinking containers.

That's why the Safe Sippy 2 cups are so great--because the bottle made of clean, non-leaching stainless steel and the straw, valves, and all plastics on the sippy cups are made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic.

Read on for my review of the Safe Sippy 2 and see the Safe Sippy in action!

 I love to test out products on road trips, it seems! (Like these reusable cloth baggies.) On the road, kids' products are pushed to the limits. We took our Safe Sippy 2 on a 10-day trip which involved lots of trips and activities. The Safe Sippy was great! My daughter likes the rubbery grips on the outside lower half of the cup. The circumference of the cup was a good fit for her 21-month old hands even without the removable handles and she was immediately able to use the spout as well. My 4-year-old son also enjoyed using it--especially its fun orange color--and it even fit in his car seat cup holders.

The Safe Sippy 2 from Kid Basix is great because it has so many options for use. The main features are that the Safe Sippy 2 can either be a sippy cup or a straw cup. To switch between these modes, you just add or remove the straw and straw valve and replace with the sippy valve. The Safe Sippy 2 also has a domed plastic lid that fits very snugly over the top of the bottle's rubbery grip band. There is also a travel valve that is basically just a plug for the sippy cup. With the travel valve in, you can toss the bottle into your diaper bag any which way and not worry at all about it leaking. (However, your child will not be able to drink out of it either.)

On our trip we mostly used the straw feature, because I'm trying to get Baby E. a bit better at straw drinking. The one "negative" (although this comes with all metal cups) is that, because the sippy cup is opaque, my daughter can't see whether we are using the sippy setting or the straw setting, which can be frustrating for her. (Honestly though, even with clear cups with straws, she tries to tip them up!) The great news is that even with just the straw and valve in, the leaking was very minimal when I turned the bottle over and shook it. Also with the clear lid on, any  liquid that leaked out when I shook it was caught in the lid and did not leak down the sides when I turned it over, because the lid fits so snugly over the rubber grip on the outside. I was really impressed by this feature, as we mostly went without the travel valve. The cup is well designed and kept our diaper bag dry.

The sippy cup is dishwasher safe, as are all the components, thank goodness! I love just being able to stick the cup in the dishwasher. It always comes out clean, even the spout top portion. My kids love to use it and it has become a favorite in our house. I can definitely recommend the Safe Sippy 2 because my kids enjoy using it, it is designed to avoid leaking, it is easy to clean, and it is safe for my family to use. You can check out the Safe Sippy 2 as well as the other sippies in this line: The Safe Sporter and The Safe Starter. Each cup is available in a variety of colors. Thanks for reading my Safe Sippy 2 review!

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