Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LayNGo Lite Travel / Mini Activity Mat {Review}

The Lay-n-Go Lite is a bag and a travel activity mat in one!

The LayNGo Lite is a nifty little travel bag for organizing, transporting, and playing with toys and other small items.

The thing that sets the LayNGo Lite apart from say, a duffel bag or a sandwich baggie, is that the bag opens up flat with short sides to create a playing surface using the bag itself.

That means that the LayNGo Lite activity mat is ideal for travel on airplanes, visiting other homes, playing in church, or at a restaurant. It certainly makes clean up a breeze for the parent and child, as you just use the toggle to close up the bag around the toys that were laying on it.

Read on for my full review of the Lay-n-Go Lite!

 The Lay-n-Go Lite is made of 100% nylon and comes in blue, green, or pink. The nylon is water repellant and wipeable, which is so important for any combination of kids + travel! The bag comes with a small handle and a velcro front pocket for storing the nylon cord when the bag is closed.

You can see in the picture below that I've tucked the cord inside the pocket. I think the outside cord pocket is a great idea, because the cord itself if very long when the bag is closed. Please supervise your children with this so they don't get hurt by the long cord.

At our house, we have a growing collection of "Squinkies," these teeny tiny little gummy-like toys. My kids adore them, but they are so easy to lose and difficult to store. They LayNGo Lite is the perfect solution for us for keeping the Squinkies (and Lego Mini-figures) from getting lost, but still allowing the kids to play with them, especially on the go.

The concept of the LayNGo is so simple--the bag is also the playing surface--and it really makes all the difference in keeping toys neat and not falling into crevices or sliding around. I have really enjoyed using this activity bag at home to keep our items organized but still accessible to my kids. I like that it's a cloth bag that's reusable and serves more than one purpose. Setting up the playing area is really simple and the sides stand up on their own without any fussing. That is a huge plus in my book!

The only negatives that I see are the long cord when closed and the fact that the bag is so small. However, the longer I've had the bag, the more happy I've become with its size. In fact, there is still plenty of room in there to add more Squinkies. (But don't tell my kids that!) You can see in the pictures that although the bag looks small, there is plenty of playing surface and storage area.

We are going on a flight in February and I cannot wait to use the LayNGo Lite on the airplane. Usually when we fly, we inevitably lose some toys down on the ground and under the seats, between the seats and windows, etc. Some Hotwheels cars have been lost forever. (Sorry, Delta!) With the LayNGo Lite, my 4 year-old and my 2 year-old will be able to play with their toys on the activity mat without worry of them getting lost. And when we're done, we can just pack it up with the tie! I'm seriously excited about how this will change our trip.

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