Thursday, November 22, 2012

Seventh Generation Sanitizing Products & Tissue Craft {Review}

We are big fans of letting the kids clean the house, whenever we can actually get that to happen. With Seventh Generation cleaners, I can allow my children to clean with me without worrying that they are absorbing scary chemicals through their skin and through the fumes of regular cleaners. That's because Seventh Generation is all-natural and designs its products with cleanliness, the health of the family, and the health of the earth in mind.

Now that it's cold and flu season, we need to pay special attention to sanitizing areas of our home that are covered in germs, like remotes and door handles. This is especially true if you've had vsitors or someone in your home already has a cold or flu. You don't want to be sharing germs through the family!

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To keep our hands and home clean, we turn to Seventh Generation. We love their hand soaps for gentle and effective cleaning. The two scents we received both smell wonderful. I like the fresh citrus scent and my family loves the lavender. My four-year-old loves it a little too much, so we have to keep it up high! Seventh Generation also makes a scentless version for those who are sensitive to scents.

Just before we received our Seventh Generation products, my kids came down with a bad cough and runny noses. We used tissues every moment to wipe and keep boogies in check. Thank goodness that we had our Seventh Generation Tissues that are kind to the earth and noses. These tissues are actually soft and not scratchy like some other recycled tissues! My son even refused to use any other kind of tissue!

And speaking of tissues, check out these cute DIY tissue box "germs" that you can create with your family!

Another thing that I really appreciate about Seventh Generation is that they disclose all ingredients on the label. Cleaning supplies don't technically have to list their ingredients or even all their ingredients. Some companies pick and choose what they tell us, leaving out information about un-popular ingredients. Not Seventh Generation--they tell you what's in their cleaning supplies! It's all natural!

We used the all-purpose cleaning spray to clean out our "froggy-potty," clean the bathroom floor, the toilet, and the sink. It cleaned all the different surfaces wonderfully and I loved only needing one product for the entire bathroom! Throughout this cold season, I've loved the ease and convenience of using the disinfecting wipes to disinfect doorknobs and handles throughout the house. It's amazing how simple cleaning becomes when all you need is a wipe! With the Seventh Generation wipes I can feel better about using disposable cleaning wipes (my favorite cleaning supply!), because Seventh Generation uses plant-based and plant-derived ingredients, recyclable packaging, and use sustainable palm oil.

Thanks so much for reading my Seventh Generation review! You can enter to win a pack of your own natural germ-busting Seventh Generation products at Why We Love Green now through November 27, 2012!

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