Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Printcopia.com Canvas Print {Review}

Have you considered getting some of your photos made into art, but don't know where to start? That's where Printcopia.com comes in!

They create canvas prints, acrylic prints, panoramic prints, framed prints, and general photo printing.

Their work is lovely and is archival quality, which means that it is made to look stunning and made to last.

I was impressed that Printcopia uses eco-friendly inks and that their prints are printed in the USA!

To read my full review of Printcopia.com and the wrapped canvas print that I reviewed, please click on "read more." Now through November 14, you can enter to win a Printcopia print of your own!

We received the opportunity to create an 8x10 canvas print from Printopia. I had fun uploading images and trying them out on their website. Their print designer is pretty cool, allowing you to see the width of the canvas as well as letting you decide if the canvas will one continuous photo that gets wrapped, have mirrored edges, or have a solid color border. I did have some trouble with getting my photo to wrap properly around the edges, possibly because it was too small or the wrong dimensions to allow that option. In the end I opted for mirrored edges and I think it turned out really well. I can hardly tell that it's mirrored and not wrapped!

The wrapped canvas print arrived and it is beautiful! I chose a print from our wedding day because I knew it would have high enough resolution to really look good! Now I definitely need to order another one of my kids--I love the canvas look so much! The colors are bright and true to the original picture. The texture of the canvas and the wrapped edges really elevate this print from just another framed photo to a work of art that we can display in our home.

Hanging the canvas was really simple, as it comes with an alligator hook screwed into the back. The view from the side is great, as it shows off the chic wrapped look. While Printcopia offers two widths of canvas, I found the smaller width to be completely satisfactory. It looks wider to me in person than it did on the computer. All of the sides and edges are very clean and crisp, with plenty of overlap onto the back of the frame.

Overall I am very impressed with the wrapped canvas print from Printopia.com. It feels like a high quality item and is really a step above the other photos from my wedding that I have in my home. Like I said earlier, I am excited to order another canvas print from Printcopia so that I can have some great portraits of my kids up. I will continue to support Printcopia because of their eco-friendly inks and commitment to printing in the USA. You can follow Printcopia on Facebook and Twitter to receive special discounts! Now through November 14, 2012, you can enter to win an 8x10 canvas print for yourself!

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