Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pedoodles Flexible Eco-Friendly Soft Soled Shoes {Review}

Pedoodles shoes are designed to keep your child's feet and the earth healthy!

For foot health for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Pedoodles shoes are designed with flexible, flat soles, and a wide toe box. Infant shoes have a soft sole made out of leather, while soles for walkers and runners are made out of flexible recycled rubber to offer traction.

In addition to the recycled rubber in these shoes, the leather in these shoes is made from premium leather remnants. Pedoodles shoes are also free of lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, mercury, selenium and harmful amines.

I was so impressed with the earth-friendliness of these flexible soled shoes! It's been hard for me to find shoes for toddlers with truly flexible soles, unless I went with the shoes that were only leather on the bottom. Those are great for younger children, but my 19 month old needs something flexible that also has traction! She loves to climb slides and chase her older brother around the park. Our Pedoodles "Rainforest" shoes have been so wonderful in providing her with flexibility and traction!

Read on for the rest of our review and to see more pictures of adorable Pedoodles shoes! We are also having a giveaway now through December 7, 2012 for an in-stock pair of Pedoodles shoes of your choice! You can enter to win a pair of Pedoodles shoes here.

We love the fact that Pedoodles shoes are good for the earth and have flexible soles. The shoes fit my daughter's feet perfectly and we have been so happy with them! It has been difficult to find girl's shoes that are not Mary Jane style, but that actually cover the entire foot. It's winter here and my child needs real shoes, not sandals! Thank goodness that Pedoodles offers shoes for girls to play in! That's why we chose this Rainforest design, because it would be a good winter toddler shoe. It's a very bright and colorful shoe and we've gotten lots of compliments on it!

You can see in this picture that the soles of the Pedoodles shoes really are very flexible. Look at her bend her foot to climb the stairs! From the very beginning, my daughter has had no issues in wearing the shoes. They move and bend with her feet. The Velcro on the shoes is very secure and makes the fit of the shoes more adjustable. I've also found that the leather in the flexible Pedoodles shoes is very high quality as well. With other leather shoes that we've had, the dye comes off if we wipe them with a wet wipe to clean them. This is not the case with the Pedoodles shoes! I've been able to wipe them down with a wet wipe when they've gotten dirty and gooey, and the leather looks just like new without any color transfer! In addition, the shoe is designed so that the toe won't get scuffed up, because the sole of the shoe comes up around the shoe a bit. (Other shoes have been destroyed because my daughter dragged her toes a bit!) Our Pedoodles show no marks on the toes!

When we first received our Pedoodles shoes, I did worry that the daisy on the top would get bent and stick up funny. It has not at all and lies pretty flat against the shoe. We have taken no special steps to protect its shape, and so I'm very impressed with the design of the Pedoodles shoe that ensures it still looks nice, even after being worn and cared for by a toddler!

I could not be happier with our Pedoodles shoes! Not only does Pedoodles provide flexible soles for older kids (toddlers and preschoolers through 4 years), they also make sure that their shoes are made from earth-friendly and kid-safe materials. In real life, their shoes can handle lots of love from a toddler and still look great. Thank you, Pedoodles, for making a shoe for real kids!

Pedoodles also makes cute boy shoes and shoes for the littler babies who need the all leather flexible soft sole. Aren't they adorable!? You can visit the Pedoodles online store here and find out if a store near you sells Pedoodles! Be sure to like Pedoodles on Facebook and follow Pedoodles on Twitter! And don't forget about the Pedoodles giveaway going on now through 12/7/12! Thanks for visiting my Pedoodles soft soled shoe review!

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