Friday, November 9, 2012

Give the Gift of an Experience! G!veaway! (ends 12/24/12)

We are being sent on an exciting tour of Philadelphia's Gourmet Eateries from Cloud 9 Living Experience Gifts! I can't wait to tell you all about it in my upcoming Cloud 9 Living Review, which will be posted after our tour at the beginning of December.

Cloud 9 Living offers many experiences that are perfect for gift giving. For example, you can ride in a hot air balloon, go river rafting, fly an airplane, drive a stock car, take a personalized treasure hunt tour of a city, hire a private chef for the evening or much more! The great thing about an experience gift is that is is not more clutter or stuff to keep in your home. Instead, it's a gift that will create an amazing memory! It's also a great gift for the person who has everything!

I wanted to let you know right away that Cloud 9 Living is having a "9 Days of Christmas" Giveaway! Fill out the short form once and be entered to win 9 Experiences in December! Good luck! I'm excited to let you know how our gourmet tour goes!

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