Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cloth Produce Bags from A Greener Kitchen {Review}

You may be asking, what are cloth produce bags and how are they different from cloth sandwich or snack bags?

Well, you know those thin plastic bags you use when you buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store?

Instead of using those when you shop, you can use a cloth produce bag instead!

The cloth produce bags from A Greener Kitchen are reusable cloth bags for fruits, vegetables, and bulk goods are made in the USA of certified organic cotton. It gets even better--these bags are made from left over fabric from the organic cotton aprons sold at A Greener Kitchen. I love that they've found a green way to use all their fabric. I also learned that 1% of the sale of all organic cotton produce bags is donated to the Organic Consumers Association!

To learn more about our experience with the cloth produce bags, please click on "read more." You can also enter to win a set of your own cloth produce bags here on Why We Love Green now through December 7, 2012!

 Another great feature of these produce bags is that they have a sewn on elastic loop for closing the bag. It slips right around, holding the fruits or vegetables inside the bag. These bags come in sets of six, which includes two of each size: 6”x7”, 9”x9”, and 12”x16”.

For us, we have a hard time reusing the plastic produce bags. The plastic bags are so thin and often come home wet, which can make them hard to recycle. (Double yuck!) With the cloth produce bags, you can just toss them in the washer and they are ready to go again if they get dirty. At the store, I loved having these reusable cloth bags in my cart. I was so excited to try them!

The cloth produce bags were so easy to use. I loaded in my tomato into one of the tiny bags and secured the elastic around the top. The elastic band is a pretty ingenious addition to these bags because it allows you to use a smaller bag, without worrying about your vegetables falling out and rolling around in your cart. I also tested the larger bags with tangerines and was very happy with the larger bags as well. They were sturdy even though they are made of light, thin cotton and they held a lot of weight.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Cloth weighs more than plastic." However, these cloth produce bags are made of super light organic cotton and feel pretty weightless. The material of the bag is thin and feels great. The bags washed really well and looked good both line-dried and drier-dried. In my grocery store test, the cloth bag did weigh about twice as much as a plastic grocery bag according to the scales in the produce area. In terms of difference in cost, the difference was about $ 0.06-0.13 over a plastic bag, depending on which bag I used and what kind of produce was in it. To me, that is a reasonable cost. I also considered weighing the produce outside of the bag and then putting it back in the bag after weighing. That would be doable, since you have to open the bag anyway to see that little sticker code that's on most produce these days.

Another great way to use these produce bags is at the farmer's market! I go with my son almost every Friday to the downtown farmer's market. We love to see the fresh fruits and vegetables, but it's hard to take loose produce home with us on the bus. The cloth produce bags from A Greener Kitchen really are perfect for the market because they are so compact and they reduce our dependence on plastic.

Thanks so much for reading my cloth produce bags review! Please visit A Greener Kitchen to check out the many patterns in their cloth bags, aprons, and napkins, and also enter to win a set of reusable produce bags now through 12/7/12! Let me know if you have any questions!

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