Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Safer & Easier Cooking: Orgreenic Pans! {Review}

The Orgreenic pan is a green and eco-friendly alternative to regular non-stick pans.

Regular non-stick pans contain  polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs), which has even been linked to babies' birth weights when the mother used non-stick pans during pregnancy.

If you are looking to avoid PFCs but still cook and clean on a non-stick surface, you need to try Orgreenic Pans!

Read on for my full Orgreenic pan review!

omlette orgreenic pan naturalOrgreenic pans are better for your health because they contain a ceramic coating on the top cooking surface. This ceramic coating is truly non-stick and even requires less oil or spray coating than typical non-stick pans! Orgreenic Cookware is non-stick even over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the Orgreenic Pans come with a lifetime warranty. You can't beat that!

After we received our Orgreenic frying pan, we followed the easy instructions to prep the pan--essentially just heating up a little oil in the pan to "season" it. After letting the pan cool down and wiping the oil off, the pan is ready to go.

pan orgreenic reviewWe cook breakfast for dinner every other week because it's cheap and easy to fix. I cooked scrambled eggs and green onions in my new Orgreenic frying pan and used no butter, oil, or PAM-type spray. I wanted to give it a real test! The pan heated up quickly and the handle stayed cool. The eggs cooked beautifully.

After serving the eggs, I noticed that there was a little burned residue on the pan. You can see some of the residue in the picture to the right. I was worried about the recommended handwashing only, especially with the burned parts. HOWEVER, after the pan cooled, I was able to wipe of all of the burned residue just with my fingers! It literally slid right off and the Orgreenic pan was cleaned in no time. Now that is handwashing I can do!

Overall I was very impressed with the Orgreenic pan because it is healthier for my family, it's handle stays cool while cooking, it requires no oil or oil spray, and it wipes clean. The only downside is that it is handwash only. But as I said above, the handwashing is so simple and easy that that drawback is practically eliminated.

You can enter to win an Orgreenic pan right now at Why We Love Green! (US only, ends 10/31/12).

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