Friday, September 14, 2012

Simple-to-Grow Plants for Beginner Gardeners

As a beginner choosing the right plant is the key for your success in gardening.

It is really not tough to grow house plants, when you adapt to growing plants you just can’t stop yourself in beautifying your home with many more varieties.

Growing plants not only to beautifies your home but some people also grow plants for plenty of other reasons like growing their own veggies or fruits, for bringing an outdoor look indoors, or to be a little more green.

Read on for a great list of easy plants to grow for beginning gardeners!

As a beginner you will need to look up information on which plants are suitable to grow in which soil, how to prepare soil, and choosing the place where your garden can grow-either in a container or traditional or raised bed.

Here are few common house plants for beginners:
  • Philodendron: These plants have heart shaped leaves and adapt well to light spots. The climbing stems of this plant are very attractive. They don’t need much care, grow in between the temperature of 60F-80F, and take a low bright light.
  • Grape Ivy: The grape ivy plant can grow in hanging basket. It mounds as it grows, which makes the plant look beautiful. It requires medium light to grow and a temperatures between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep this plant evenly moist.
  • Ponytail Plant: It has a long trunk which stores moisture and therefore can survive for a long time without watering. It requires bright light to grow and temperatures between 60-75 degrees. Its swollen trunk looks very attractive.
  • Green Dracaena: This plant has solid green leaves and patches of different colours on it such as white, gold, and green. It requires medium or bright light to grow and temperatures between 65-75 degrees. Always allow the surface of soil to dry between watering.
  •  Croton: The leaves of this plant are exotic with colourful markings. It requires bright light to grow and temperatures between 65-75 degrees.