Monday, September 17, 2012

Green Kid Crafts Kit Review

Creating crafts is a wonderful way for children to improve in many skills, including creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving, and an appreciation for art.

We received a Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box, which was filled with three environmentally friendly crafts and projects for us to try! I loved that the kit was designed to "foster a child’s creativity and confidence while developing their respect and love for the environment." What a great mission statement!

I love that Green Kid Crafts is helping my child grow and develop, all while being kind to the earth!

Please also check out the opportunity to help Green Kid Crafts donate to charity by picking your favorite photo. (Vote for ours, of course!) For each vote, Green Kid Crafts will donate 50¢ to Healthy Child Healthy World to help create a more healthy environment for children.

Read on for our full review and to see the fun creations that we made! (And a coupon code!)

Green Kids Crafts is a monthly craft subscription service, with options to buy special single kits and party kits. Each monthly kit is geared toward children ages 3-8 and comes with three crafts, shipped with minimal packaging in recycled boxes, with compostable "cellophane" bags! Green Kids Crafts also offsets 100% of the carbon footprint that is generated by their business and shipping.

Our Discovery Kit was bird-themed and included three crafts: Bird puppets using recycled felt and paper bags, a "bird-watching" telescope, and a bird house. I thought it was wonderful how they integrated eco-awareness into their crafts themselves, with instructions for making "Endangered Spotted Owls and Whooping Cranes." Not only are the materials eco-friendly, but the subjects of the crafts are environmentally-relevant as well! A guide for bonus theme-appropriate activities and crafts using household materials is included in each box.

We had a wonderful time crafting our owl and crane. The difficulty level of the paper-bag birds was perfect for my 4-year-old son, who kept exclaiming that our crafts were really good for the earth! I had originally planned on just making the owl and saving the crane for another time, but Little J. was so excited about these birds ("Please, please, please!") that we just had to keep going!

I was really impressed with how much work went into making sure the materials in the crafts were environmentally friendly--the felt was recycled! We also thought it was great that the kit included everything we needed for the craft except scissors, which was no problem. My only issue with the craft was that the instructions for the birds showed pictures that would be impossible for us to create with the materials that were sent to us. For example, we received small rectangles of the sticky felt, but one of the example birds had an entire front body covered in felt! I was worried that Little J. might notice the discrepancy and get upset. Luckily he never noticed, so it wasn't an issue. But that is the only thing I would change about these kits--making sure the pictures in the instructions matched what we could actually create.

The next day we created our bird watching telescope. The color was perfect and my kids enjoyed peeking through the tube. We kind of strayed from the instructions a bit, because Little J. was just so excited to use the sticky felt again! The point was to have fun and be creative, so that was a success!

Later in the month we tackled the big project: the birdhouse. This involved paint, so we made sure to cover our workspace with newspaper and then got to work. Little J. adored working with the paint (something we don't normally have at home) and developed different techniques for each side of his birdhouse, including stripes, dots, and color-blending. We received two colors: bright pink and bright yellow. But you'll notice that Little J. got creative with the color-mixing and created orange as well! We discussed the primary colors and had a great time with a the different shades of pink, yellow, and orange that he created. The door to the birdhouse was my favorite piece because of the many different colors on it! Snapping the house together was easy and we hung our craft by our front door for the birds to enjoy. Now we can use our bird-scope to see any winged visitors that move in to our birdhouse!

I am so pleased to have gotten a chance to bring a Green Kid Craft kit into our home. They put a lot of effort into making each craft eco-friendly and also educational. We had a wonderful time with minimal organizing efforts on my part, which is crucial for me as a busy student, teacher, and mother. I am so excited to buy the dinosaur-themed October box!

During Keeping Kids Creative, Green Kid Crafts is offering $5 off any purchase with the code KEEPKC (expires 10/1/12).

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Happy Eco-Creating!

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