Monday, September 10, 2012

Kelly Kits Review and Giveaway! Art Packs for Kids!

Welcome to my Kelly Kits Review! (See below for the Kelly Kits Giveaway as well!)

Kelly Kits are a great craft-of-the month club for kids that features everything that you need for a fun craft each month. We received an art pack full of printmaking supplies, which included paper, sponges, paint, a cup to hold the paint, instructions, a craft stick for mixing, and even scissors to cut the sponges. All we added was water!

Read on for the rest of our review and for the giveaway link!...

I really appreciate that everything is included in these kits, even down to the scissors. It means that we could do these crafts on the go and that we will never open a pack and then have the disappointment of realizing that we don't have all the supplies we need. I plan on re-purposing the scissors into teaching scissors that I'll keep in my backpack.

My son, Little J., is 4 and loves to do crafts. He was jumping up and down at the idea of working with paint and printmaking! We read carefully through the instructions, at Little J.'s insistence, and I loved that they were clear and easy to follow. These monthly art kits are truly made for children to be able to use and enjoy.

We began by drawing shapes on the sponge. After we drew our shapes and cut out the sponges, we got them wet to puff them up. Check out how flat the sponge is before it gets wet! It's just like card-stock and then puffs up when wet! (Ingenious for shipping and packing into small spaces!)

The paint mixed up with water easily and we were on our way! We dipped the sponges into the paint and pressed the sponge onto our papers. Little J. was a pro and liked to use the edges of the sponge shapes to create thin lines--how creative! In this masterpiece, he exclaimed that he was making lines like all of his friends from school.

Below you can see his final creations and mine as well. We used the oval shape to create petals and the rectangle side to make a stem. I also attempted bees. Now that our artwork is dry, we have Little J.'s hanging on the fridge. He likes to take it down and feel the different textures of the paint. He's very excited to do this again! (And, as the instructions said, we saved half of the paint powder so that we could have this crafting adventure another time as well.)

You can subscribe for a year, buy a set of packs, or even purchase a set of kits for a birthday party activity! These children's art kits are incredibly affordable at only $9.99 each (including shipping!) at the time of this article.

We had a great time with Kelly Kits! The project was original and allowed my 4-year-old son to be very creative. The price is right, and I think a subscription to Kelly Kits is in our future! I think that Kelly Kits would be great for any homeschooling family as well. Check out this video on Kelly Kits and see below for the giveaway instructions!

The current giveaway runs from 09/17/12 to 09/30/12 and is for a one-year subscription to Kelly Kits! You can enter the Kelly Kits Giveaway (and also for natural wooden toys) here using Rafflecopter!

~~This giveaway below has ended. Please enter the giveaway above.~~
Want to win a year's subscription to Kelly Kits or try out a free sample month of Kelly Kits? (Sample is free, you just pay $2.95 shipping.) Here are some details about the Kelly Kits prize:

"One winner will receive an Annual Subscription of Monthly Kelly Kits a $99.90 value, but everyone who enters receives one FREE Kelly Kit just for entering! There is a one-time shipping fee of $2.49 for the FREE Kit if the contestant chooses to redeem the kit. There is absolutely no charge for the annual winner. The FREE kit is just our way of thanking everyone for their entry and is their choice to redeem."

To enter, go to the Kelly Kits facebook page and enter your email address. That's it! To earn additional entries you can like other Facebook pages and share the giveaway with others.

Good luck and enjoy your free kit just for entering!

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