Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Our Family Has Chosen to Become Self-Sufficient

Welcome to our guest poster Theresa from Faith and Family Reviews! She's written a wonderful article today about Becoming Self-Sufficient. Thank you, Theresa!

Webster’s Dictionary definition of self-sufficient says,

Self-sufficient (adj)

1. sufficient for one's self without external aid or cooperation


2. having an overweening confidence in one's own abilities or worth; hence, haughty; overbearing

It is the first definition that best explains the topic of this post, while the second may come into play at some point, my husband and I did not feel very confident about our abilities when we began our journey to self-sufficiency.

The reasons for becoming self-sufficient will vary from one person to another. Here are several reasons why our family has chosen to become self-sufficient:

1. Healthy Food. Face it, the quality to food in our grocery stores is not the same as growing food in our own back yard. The industrial food giants do not care about the quality of food they produce or how long it takes to transport it to us; they care about how much money they make. Healthy food equals a healthy body, which will improve the overall quality of life we live.

2. Independence. The economy has been in a down tick since late 2007, if not before. After a 2008 lay off that lasted over 18 months, we desired a way to feed and take care of our family without the help of anyone else.

3. Save Money. While it may not be so evident at first, being self-sufficient does save money in the long run because if we are eating healthy food, we will in turn be healthy, eliminating need for expensive medications, doctor or hospital visits. Just think of how many senior citizens are spending a huge portion of their social security or retirement funds on prescription drugs each month. Yeah. A lot.

4. Reduce Trips to the Grocery Store. The goal is not to support large conglomerates like Monsanto with their GMO crops and Bio-tech food. The fewer trips to the local supermarket the better. (See my related post on avoiding grocery shopping trips.)

5. Pass Valuable Skills on to Our Children. Cooking, baking, and other skills our grandmothers and maybe even our mothers were capable of doing are being lost in an age where fast-food joints are the family’s meal table. We desire for our children to know how to garden, how to raise animals for food as well as pets, to make their own clothing and run their own businesses. This is all a part of being independent of outside sources for food, clothing and other things.

6. Support the Local Economy. If we create a business such as a farm and need to hire people in our community we are supporting our local economy. If we have animals requiring organic feed and a feed store down the road stocks it, we are supporting a local business. There are many businesses a farm can support other than the local grocery store – hardware store, accountants, plumbers, electricians, etc.

7. Life-Long Satisfaction. If we are doing what we love, we will have the joy of life-long satisfaction, which is a priceless gift. If we are providing consumers healthy, home-grown food, then being self-sufficient is the best thing we could ever do for them and our family.

Becoming self-sufficient isn’t easy. It takes hard work, discipline and sacrifice. We are actually going against the grain of what is normal, which can lead to a bit of isolation and misunderstanding among people who are entrapped by our current industrial system. Nevertheless, it is worth it to us because there is nothing more satisfying than being our own boss, growing our own food, and providing a better quality of life to our family.

Theresa has been married for 18 years and is mom to 8 beautiful children. She is also a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). In addition to blogging, she is a Virtual Assistant with her own company as well as an independent contractor with Your USA VA. Her interests include: reading, writing, travel, education, being an entrepreneur, being self-sufficient by growing her own food through farming and gardening. To learn more about her and her family visit her blog Faith and Family Reviews.

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