Friday, August 24, 2012

StinkPot Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

I am so excited to share my StinkPot Cloth Diaper Detergent Review with you!

First of all, let me say that I do not take cloth diaper detergent reviewing lightly. It's crazy how a detergent can make or break someone's desire to cloth diaper! Here's the great news: StinkPot Detergent really works!

Even after just one wash with StinkPot Cloth Diaper Detergent, I could tell that my cloth diapers were clean through and through! I am not afraid to bury my nose deep into my diapers and take a whiff--and they were stink (and scent) free!

Read on for the rest of my review and for the link to the StinkPot Giveaway!

I asked to review the Sweet Nothings Unscented version of the detergent so that I could get a really good idea of how clean my diapers were getting. We have a variety of diapers including organic cotton AIOs, cotton prefolds, suedecloth, hemp, and microfiber. Each and every fabric smelled fresh and clean. I also noticed how soft and smooth the diapers were after washing with StinkPot Detergent!

Here are some more great things about StinkPot Detergent that you should know:
StinkPot Detergent is environmentally friendly, containing no fillers, enzymes, dyes, or phosphates. All ingredients in the detergent are biodegradable! This also means that StinkPot Detergent is great for babies and others with sensitive skin.

You will also be happy to know that StinkPot can be used for all of your other laundry as well as your cloth diapers, including clothes, mama cloth pads, nursing pads, bedding, etc.! It can also be made into a concentrated paste to use on stubborn stains. And get this, it can even be used in your dishwasher! How amazing is that!? After seeing how bright my diapers looked after washing with StinkPot, I am definitely going to wash my daughter's stained shirts with StinkPot Detergent as well!

Please visit StinkPot on the StinkPot Website, the StinkPot Facebook page, and the Shower Treat Soap Twitter account.

You can also enter to win a 100 load bag of StinkPot Detergent right now here on Why We Love Green! (Ends 8/31/12).

On final thing that I really liked about the StinkPot detergent was its packaging. It was easy to open without scissors, has a zip-top closure, and is minimal, so as to be environmentally friendly. The instructions on the back give you clear and simple details on a full, common-sense wash routine. This detergent also comes in large refill packs, which are great for saving money and using less packaging. One of the best deals on StinkPot is available for everyone and is a favorite for CD groups and coops: 8 50/100 HE-load bags for $90 including shipping, which comes out to only $11.25 a bag total!

I highly recommend StinkPot Detergent, as it left NO stink or residue on my diapers and they seemed cleaner, brighter, and softer than before!

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