Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pomona Jeans Review: Perfect Pants for Cloth Diapers!

Looking for pants that actually fit over a cloth diaper!?

Looking for jeans that don't pinch or squeeze as you attempt to wiggle them over baby's thighs and fluffy bum?

Me too! I had basically given up on having my cloth diapered babies in anything besides stretchy pants.

Luckily I've been introduced to Pomona Jeans, the perfect jeans for babies with fluffy cloth-diapered bums! (You can enter to win a pair of Pomona Jeans that fit over cloth diapers until 8/24/12!)
Read on for my full review and for more adorable pictures!

If you're like me then you usually have to buy your baby's or toddler's pants a full size bigger than their shirts, just so that the pants will fit over a cloth diaper fluffy bum. This often results in jeans that are too long or gape at the waist. Now there's a solution with the jeans from Project Pomona. These jeans are made in the USA and are generously sized in the bum area to fit over any and all diapers, especially cloth diapers! Finally!

You can tell from this picture on the right that Baby E. has plenty of room to move around and also room to grow!

These jeans are brilliantly designed. The front of the jeans is a flap that snaps up on both hips, which provides many sizing options. In addition, the length problem is solved with a contrasting fold-up cuff that coordinates with the jeans themselves and the snaps. The material for folding up the hem is generous so that the cuff can be very large or as small as you need it.

This cuff option not only adds flair to the jeans, it also allows the jeans to be worn much much longer, as the jeans will fit through three different "regular" sizes!

We have really been enjoying these jeans and their fit over cloth diapers. My daughter is ready for fall and will be able to wear these jeans for a long time, thanks to the waist snaps and the cuffs! I thought it was so clever that the front of the pants attaches to the sides without bunching or rolls of material. This is because the sides are made to look like pockets when really they are there to deal with the fabric.

In these pictures my daughter, Baby E., is wearing a BumGenius Elemental (Artist Series in yellow, if you must know) which is the most common diaper at our house. You can see that the Pomona Jeans fit easily over her fluffy bum and that she has lots of room to grow and move around. The snaps are on the smallest setting and the cuffs are rolled up all the way. She will be able to wear these for a long time! The large flap opening in the front made it a breeze to slide these jeans on! There was absolutely to tugging or thigh pinching to get these on.

We all loved the cheeky (pun intended) recycling embroidery on the bum, which lets everyone know that we are very into our eco-fashion, cloth diapers, and helping the environment. (You can also see in the photo below how long the jeans are without the cuffs turned up at all.)

I absolutely love these pants and am so happy to have a true pair of jeans that fit my cloth diapered toddler. These are high quality and are designed to be easy-to-use and long-lasting. The different embroidery, wash, and contrasting fabric options will ensure that your baby's or toddler's jeans are exactly the right style. I'm so excited to show off these Eco Rockstar jeans!

Enter to win a pair of Pomona Jeans for Babies and Toddlers who wear cloth diapers! (ends 8/24/12)

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