Sunday, August 26, 2012

On-In Beauty System Review

It makes sense to me to nourish my skin from the inside and the outside. 
That's what made the On-In Beauty System so appealing to me--the cream works on the surface of your skin, while the supplements nurture your skin from the inside. 
Read on for my full review and for the link to my giveaway for 3 of these sets!

 The On-In Beauty System works like this: take one supplement a day and use the cream morning and night. The active ingredient in both the cream and the supplement is the all-natural Lutein, which is a natural antioxidant derived from marigolds. Lutein works to improve, tone, texture, and hydration in your skin from the inside and outside!

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And now you're wondering how well the On-In system actually works, right? I have to say that I really look forward to using the cream, especially. The On-In cream has a nice, light scent and goes on so cleanly and smoothly! I love that it absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving no white opaque film behind. 
The supplements are small and easy to swallow. They have not made me feel nauseated like other vitamins I have taken in the past. I love that this system gives me extra sun-protection and loads of anti-oxidants! 

I guess my biggest complaint about this system is that it's hard for me to remember to do all three steps every day. I'm a forgetful person by nature, so I wasn't particularly surprised that this was a problem for me. However, even with this imperfect use I have noticed that my skin texture is now very silky and I no longer have dry patches of skin in my T-zone. While my skin feels hydrated, it does not feel oily or sticky. 

Overall, I think that this product fills a void in the area of nurturing beauty from the inside. I like the silky way my skin feels and I enjoy using the On-In beauty products.

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