Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stop Electric Shock for Disabled Children, Pollution, & Drilling!

Celebrate Independence Day by standing up for what you believe in!

You may agree with some or all of these petitions, but I urge you to take action on those that speak to you.

The great thing about signing an electronic petition or mailing a letter to a senator through these links is that it's easy and free.

All that it requires is a few clicks, and you can make a difference!

Now that I'm signed up for these groups, I do get occasional emails from them asking for support on related issues. I am so happy to help and it's really the simplest thing to click and support. I believe that we can make a difference and stand up for what we believe in!

1. Progresso Soup cans are lined with bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked in numerous studies to be connected to obesity, heart disease, early puberty, and other diseases. Sign this petition to tell Progresso to take BPA out of their cans!

2. Stop electric shock as a punishment at a special needs school in Massachusetts, where children with autism, cerebral palsy, and other special needs are being shocked for minor "offenses." For example, a non-verbal nearly blind child who has cerebral palsy was shocked for moaning and trying to hold the hand of a staff member. Other children have been shocked for hours and some have even ended up in catatonic states. Sign here to add your support and make this school stop this torture!

Watch this video for more information on this electric shock "therapy."

3. Keep our air clean by supporting the EPA's limit on harmful soot pollution. With the deadline for input on the EPA's safeguards to limit soot pollution quickly approaching, it's important to let them know that we need these safeguards. Soot pollution has been linked with many heart problems and can be especially harmful to children. Sign your name to support clean air and the organization Moms Clean Air Force will automatically send an email or letter to your appropriate representative or to the government organization in question.

4. Protect the Arctic and arctic wildlife from oil drilling. These arctic seas are home to 20% of the earth's polar bear population. Stop Shell Oil from drilling in the Arctic, risking a disastrous oil spill. Sign here and the Sierra Club will automatically send a letter to President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to protect our wild spaces.

Thanks for taking action. Please let me know if there are other causes that need support!

Happy Independence Day!

{This post is a part of the Green Blogger Challenge.} {Pictures are from Pinterest. Please click on the picture to be taken to the original source/pinner.}

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