Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little "Min" Poem {Green Blogger Challenge}

It's Green Blogger Challenge, July 8th!

Task for today: Post a Poem

Here is a poem that we actually sang in German Choir back in my undergrad days. It's written in  Middle-High German, but luckily is pretty easy to understand.

Dû bist mîn, ich bin dîn:
des solt dû gewis sîn;
dû bist beslozzen in mînem herzen,
verlorn ist daz slüzzelîn:
dû muost och immer darinne sîn.


The translation is (my own, just now):

You are mine, I am thine;
Of that you can be sure;
You are kept in my heart,
The key is lost:
You must stay there always.

It's such a dear little poem. I also have a soft spot for older forms of German, so that probably adds to its charm for me.

I'd love to hear about your favorite poems as well!

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