Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Soy- & Dairy-Free Sugar Cookie Bars

These cookies are delicious and buttery, all without any soy or dairy!

I made these cookies during a time when I couldn't eat any dairy or soy because it upset the tummy of my little nursling. A mom still needs her treats, right?

The first time I made these sugar cookies, I realized that they weren't going to form the traditional "cookie" shape very well. So I poured the batter into a pan and-voila!- sugar cookie bars! We ended up using them instead of a cake for the base of our Diamond Jubilee figurines. (A friend from England sent us this kit, isn't it fun!?)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye July Amazon G!veaway for 30 Bucks! (WW, ends 8/10/12)

July is almost over!

We're saying "Goodbye July" by hosting a $30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and ends August 10th.

Read on to enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below.

Monday, July 23, 2012

G!veaway! W!n 100 Bucks to Amazon! (WW, ends 7/30)

Are you ready to win $100!?

Here's another chance this month with the $100 Amazon BLAST!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

It's a Ball! It's a Bear! It's a Sidekix Toy Giveaway! (ends 8/10/12)

"What is a Sidekix?" You may be asking. Well, let me tell you!

They are a great new toy for kids of all ages! Each toy is a ball that unzips into a stuffed animal with magnetic feet!

We received Bamboo, the Panda from the "Endangered" line, which were created to remind kids (and adults, too) that we need to take care of all animals.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

$100 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway! (WW, ends 8/1/12)

"Get Your MBS On!"

Welcome to the $100 PayPal or Amazon giveaway! This giveaway is open worldwide to bloggers who are members of the Mom Blog Society Blogger Network! (Join now if you aren't already a member!)

Why join? Mom Blog Society is a knowledge base for moms, by moms. The MBS connects people and groups from around the world create an amazing network. Mom Blog Society believes that every mom blog is essential to the blogging world!

It Works! Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream

I am always looking for an easier way to get things done. This really applies to all areas of my life, even pain management. Pills are really too much work if you ask me, so I was really intrigued by Noxicare's all natural pain relief cream. 

"Cream." I thought to myself, "Wow, a one-step process to pain relief! It's so simple I would actually use it!"

But the question is, of course, does it actually relieve pain? Aye, there's the rub. (Pun intended.) So read on for my review on how the cream rubbed out our aches and pains! (Spoiler alert: it worked for us!)

You can now enter to win one of two tubes of cream in the Noxicare Pain Relief Cream Giveaway (US only, ends 9/9/12)!

Shielo Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub: Sustainable and Cruelty Free

With all of the beauty products out there, it's hard to know which are both safe AND effective.

First of all, the Shielo Smoothing Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub is safe for your body and for the earth. The scrub is made in the USA of cruelty-free, sustainable, and organic ingredients.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew you could not fail?

Flowers with money, Dollars, Euros

The Green Blogger Challenge for June 21 today is to write about the "Most recent words of wisdom you heard that stuck with you."

When I read the topic, I immediately thought of two quotes that I read recently.

The first I came across while doing some blog visits at Big Adventure Calling. Just under the header it reads,

"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why he allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when he could do something about it, but I'm afraid God would ask me the same question." ~Anonymous

Monday, July 16, 2012

#Clothdiaper Giveaway! Hot Fluff Cool Baby $300 Diaper Package! (US & CAN, ends 7/31/12)

Win $300 in cloth diapers!Hello Summer! It's the Hot Fluff Cool Baby Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Did you know that cloth diapers are more breathable in warm weather than disposable diapers? It's true!

So get your cloth diaper stash started (or beefed up) with this $300 prize pack sponsored by Greenie Beanie Bottoms and hosted by Just Add Cloth, along with over 75 wonderful and influential bloggers who all love cloth!

Cloth diapering is a great way to reduce our waste, help our planet, and save money. We all know that starting a stash can be daunting, so this prize from Greenie Beanie Bottoms is a great way to get started with a variety of different diapers. (See below for detailed prize description.) Greenie Beanie Bottoms is an online retailer of cloth diapers, amber teething jewelry, and reusable menstrual and nursing pads. They offer free shipping for orders in the U.S. and flat rate shipping to Canada.

Click on "Read More" to see the diapers in this prize pack and to enter using the Rafflecopter form!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giveaway! Win $100 to Amazon! (WW, ends 7/23/12)

Hooray! It's time to win another $100 to in the Amazon Twitter Blast!

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Super Sunday Stumble (7/15-7/19)

Get your week off to a great start with our Super Sunday Stumble!

Each week, you can link up a post or two that needs some traffic--and we'll all help each other out by getting that post some Stumbleupon love!

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Giveaway! Win $200 to Amazon! (WW, ends 8/15)

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Well here is your chance to win some Amazon cash!

Only one lucky winner will be chosen on August 15, 2012 to win the gift card.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

#Clothdiaper Giveaway! Fluffy Wishes HUGE Cloth Diaper Prize! (US & CAN, ends 7/24/12)

It's a cloth diaper giveaway extravaganza! 

Welcome to the Fluffy Wishes Giveaway and Twitter Party! You have the chance to win great prizes, and the best part is that it's all for a great cause. This event is brought to you by Fluffy Wishes Cloth Diaper Closet and My Cloth Diaper Stash

Not only is this event here so that you can win some amazing cloth diapers, this event also benefits Fluffy Wishes Diaper Closet, a cloth diaper lending service serving Southwest Michigan and Indiana! Fluffy Wishes provides cloth diapers to low-income families who could otherwise not afford to diaper their children. Fluffy Wishes runs completely on volunteers and donations and is cost-free for the families who use the program.

Click "Read More" to view the rules and enter using the Rafflecopter form below...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giveaway! Baby Girls are So Much Fun Package! (WW, ends 7/31/12)

Guess what!? 

Girls are So Much Fun & Addilyn's Turning 1!!! 

Welcome to the Birthday Giveaway Event where you can win $500 in prizes for your baby!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Wearable Eco-Fashionable Clothes for Women

A search on eco-fashion will probably get you wild outfits like this one:

Sure, it's pretty amazing, but that's not a dress I'll be wearing anytime soon.

So I decided to scout out some eco-friendly and fashionable clothes that real women could actually wear. Here's what I found:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Closed} Super Sunday Stumble H0P! (7/8 -7/12)

For the current Super Sunday Stumble Hop, click here.

A Big Hello and Welcome to our Newest Stumblers! 

 I am really loving getting to visit all your wonderful posts--and helping to promote them through Stumble Upon!

The Super Sunday Stumble is hosted by:Why We Love Green jenny at dapperhouse
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{Closed} Giveaway! Win a Live Butterfly Pavilion! (ends 7/18/12) #summerfunhop

Welcome to the amazing Summer Fun Giveaway Event, hosted by Mama to 4 Blessings and Mommyhood Chronicles! Together we are celebrating summer! 

Here at Why We Love Green we have an amazing Butterfly Pavilion where you can watch the incredible metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. We absolutely loved it at our house!

Each participating blogger in the hop is hosting a summer related giveaway! Be sure to visit the other blogs to win as well! 

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. (US ONLY)

A Little "Min" Poem {Green Blogger Challenge}

It's Green Blogger Challenge, July 8th!

Task for today: Post a Poem

Here is a poem that we actually sang in German Choir back in my undergrad days. It's written in  Middle-High German, but luckily is pretty easy to understand.

Dû bist mîn, ich bin dîn:
des solt dû gewis sîn;
dû bist beslozzen in mînem herzen,
verlorn ist daz slüzzelîn:
dû muost och immer darinne sîn.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Closed} Giveaway! Win $100 to Amazon! (ends 7/14/12)

Giveaway! Win $100 to Amazon!Welcome to the $100 Amazon Cash Blast! You can win $100 just by liking the Facebook pages of the participating blogs!

This Amazon Blast runs from July 8 -14 and is brought to you by Makobi Scribe. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon card and the giveaway is open World Wide!!

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Revenge of the Vegetarian: Humor for Herbavores

Have you checked your vegetarian horoscope recently?

No!? Well, then you need to check out the new book Revenge of the Vegetarian: A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism by Jim Tiberry, where you can find answers to all these questions and more!

Read on for my full review and to hear about what Socrates has to say about vegetarianism!

Amazing Butterfly Pavilion from Insect Lore!

I cannot tell you how much we loved having the Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion in our home.

The large butterfly habitat also comes with a small clear tub containing 5 caterpillars.

At least 3 of the caterpillars are guaranteed to become butterflies!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My SEO Optimization Help from @GenuineSEOnet

This post is my big (very belated) thank you to Eddie over at, who helped me with my very first SEO analysis of my blog.

Eddie does SEO services including Web Analytics, Conversion Improvement, and Website Optimization, among many other services.

I actually got my report through an offer on his blog about SEO reports for bloggers. Being new to the whole SEO game, I knew that I needed some help and expertise to even get started with having Why We Love Green rank higher in search engines. Lucky for me, the report from gave me a lot more information than that! Read on to hear more details about GenuineSEO and my report...

I Fear Failure {Green Blogger Challenge}

my biggest fear kittenThis is the July 5th prompt for the Green Blogger Challenge: What is your biggest fear?

This is a tough one for me to decide. There are lots of silly little fears I have, like when I'm in bed and think too hard about scary movies I've seen...or have just heard about. Yeah, so I can't really watch scary movies anymore!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stop Electric Shock for Disabled Children, Pollution, & Drilling!

Celebrate Independence Day by standing up for what you believe in!

You may agree with some or all of these petitions, but I urge you to take action on those that speak to you.

The great thing about signing an electronic petition or mailing a letter to a senator through these links is that it's easy and free.

All that it requires is a few clicks, and you can make a difference!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Perfect Cloth Diaper Wash Routine!

Figuring out the perfect cloth diaper wash routine can be the holy grail of cloth diapering.

When I was starting out cloth diapering, it was really helpful to read how other people washed their cloth diapers. So here is our routine!

Molly's Suds Natural All Sport Wash

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the All Sport detergent from Molly's Suds! As you may remember, I am a huge fan of Molly's Suds Laundry Powder for washing our cloth diaper stash.

So I was very excited to also have the opportunity to try out the All Sport wash by Molly's Suds. To be honest, I wasn't really aware of the benefits of sport wash before I got the wash. Now I know that sport wash is necessary because regular detergents can leave residues on sports wear and equipment.

Read on for how Molly's Suds All Sport wash can solve those problems!

{Closed} Win Nature's Sleep Slippers (ends 7/14/12)

Welcome to the Nature's Sleep Slipper Giveaway! 

You can win a pair of slippers to relax in luxury!

Here's the number one reason why I chose to work with Nature's Sleep: their environmental commitment.

Read on to learn more about Nature's Sleep's commitment to the environment, to read my review on wearing them, and to enter the giveaway.

Monday, July 2, 2012

#Clothdiaper Event Blogger Opps!

Blogger Cloth Diaper Event Sign UpCheck out these great cloth diapering events for bloggers coming up over the next few months! The great news is that most of these events are free to participate in. Just click on the picture to be taken to the sign up post. See you there!
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