Friday, June 8, 2012

Surfing the Web: A Guilty Pleasure {Green Blogger Challenge}

This is another one of those "get-to-know-me" posts. Hurrah!

The Green Blogger Challenge topic for today is to talk about our guilty pleasure (besides blogging). I immediately knew that I needed to write about that black-hole for my time: the internet.

So if you are wondering exactly HOW I waste time on the internet, let me tell you.

Here are my top 4 boredom-busting websites!...

One of my favorite websites is, a forum where mamas meet up to buy and sell cloth diapers, ask cloth diapering questions & give advice, and discuss parenting, breastfeeding, baby wearing, crafting, and all kinds of other things. The "Off Topic" section is one of the post exciting places there! They also have an amazing mobile app that I am pretty much glued to. The forum is very active and your posts will almost immediately get responses!

Another thing I enjoy doing on the web is window shopping. I could browse for hours, just adding things and discount codes to my cart. And then X-ing out without buying anything. I've got to save some green, after all! Lately I've really been into PlumDistrict, kind of like Groupon for Moms, Gymboree, any store selling cloth diapers, and Etsy.

You'll be shocked (shocked!) to learn that I love to enter giveaways. I love Rafflecopter giveaways especially. Of course my husband thinks I'm a little nuts when I try to enter every giveaway in a hop, but, hey, I love free stuff. Cloth diaper giveaway hops are especially addicting. This is reminding me that I should go enter some right now....

Last but not least, there's Pinterest. (Wanna be Pinterest buds, by the way? Leave a comment to let me know you're following and I'll, of course, follow right back!) I spend far too much time gazing at beautiful things on Pinterest. It really makes me wish I were a better cook and crafter! Sometimes I attempt to replicate a pin, but it's never as snazzy as the original. Maybe someday!

What are your web downfalls? Where does your time go on the internet? I'm excited to find some new hang-outs!
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