Thursday, July 5, 2012

My SEO Optimization Help from @GenuineSEOnet

This post is my big (very belated) thank you to Eddie over at, who helped me with my very first SEO analysis of my blog.

Eddie does SEO services including Web Analytics, Conversion Improvement, and Website Optimization, among many other services.

I actually got my report through an offer on his blog about SEO reports for bloggers. Being new to the whole SEO game, I knew that I needed some help and expertise to even get started with having Why We Love Green rank higher in search engines. Lucky for me, the report from gave me a lot more information than that! Read on to hear more details about GenuineSEO and my report...

For my report, he showed me what my top search terms were, who I was in competition with for those search terms, how quickly my site loaded, etc. He even checked out my mobile site! After the report came in and I had all this information about my blog, I needed help figuring out what my top priorities were. Eddie was such a pleasure to work with and he answered all my emails and (probably stupid) questions kindly and promptly. I will absolutely be working with him again!

Not only does Eddie do SEO reports, his blog also has many amazing tips on how to get more, relevant traffic, posts on how to improve your search engine rankings, and posts on how to effectively place keywords, use social media, and overall tips for improving your website or blog. The blog is definitely worth many visits to read up on the knowledgeable advice that Eddie Gear has to offer.

Thank you again, Eddie!

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