Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Nicknames {Green Blogger Challenge}

This is kind of a funny topic for me because I don't feel like I have any nicknames. But in thinking really hard, I've come up with a few--what my family calls me, what my kids call me, and what some of my high-school friends call me!

Read on for my full ramble...

To my friends and family I am Christine. I used to go by Chris until I was about 11. Then a neighbor teased me that it was a boy's name, and so I switched to Christine. My mom calls me Chrissy-Bean sometimes.

To my kids I am officially Mama. (Not Momma.) However, Little J. calls me Mommy a lot and I don't like it. But he's very stubborn and won't call me Mama if I ask him to.

To some of my friends from High School I am Christeeney Weenie, which is not my favorite. I much prefer Christeeney Halloweenie, because as you now know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Luckily these nicknames only get posted on Facebook every once in a while!

We're just not really a nickname family, I guess. We all go by our full names, even though they are well-known names that have common nicknames. My son doesn't even answer when other people call him by his name's nickname! He just has no idea that that's a part of his name as well.

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