Monday, June 11, 2012

Making Cooking Easier: Trudeau's New Stress Less Kitchen Tools

I'm a big advocate of cooking at home. Not only are homemade meals safer for those with allergies, cooking at home is, on average, also healthier than eating out, as well as better for the environment.

However, sometimes it's hard to cook at home because we don't have the right tools, or we don't love the tools we have. That's where Trudeau's new line of kitchen tools comes in, called Stress Less tools. These tools are wonderful because they are all ergonomically designed to be comfortable and easy to use, even for people with arthritis or limited hand dexterity.

 I received these tools to try out and see for myself how easy they were to use. First, let me mention that these tools have a Lifetime Guarantee. Trudeau really stands behind their products!

Stress Less Safety Can Opener
Stress Less Garlic Press
Stress Less Easy Grind Pepper Mill
Stress Less Easy Grind Salt Mill
Stress Less Pizza Cutter
Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater

You can win a set for yourself here as well!

First, the Stress Less Can Opener.We use a lot of cans at home because they are easy to buy with coupons, last a long time, and are recyclable! I was so excited to try out a can opener that wouldn't leave sharp edge. We keep our cans in the recycling bin and don't want any little (or big) people getting sliced. Let me just tell you that this can opener is AMAZING! It takes the whole top of the can off and is so easy to turn! I smile every time I get to use this.

The garlic press couldn't have come at a better time. My mother-in-law called us saying she hated her old garlic press and really needed a new one! Perfect! After trying out the Stress Less Garlic Press she told us that it was very easy to use, it worked great, and best of all it was easy to clean!

Next, let me tell you about the stylish Salt and Pepper Mills. These are beautiful and I take such pride in having them on my table. Like the other gadgets, these grinders are specially designed so that they will not strain your hands or wrists. These are such a step up over our old salt and pepper shakers!

The pizza cutter's design is so clever, because there is plenty of space to hold one while you cut. Also, turn the cutter over and press, and the cutting wheel will pop out so that you can easily get the whole blade clean. No more mulitple-trips through the dishwasher for your pizza cutter! My husband likes to use ours for our homemade pizza and also for quesadillas.

And finally, you can't help but feel clever and fancy with the Rotary Cheese Grater. The design makes you feel clever, because the cheese block won't fall out! It's also  made so that you can hold it at an angle that's good for your wrists, and not worry. It's also easy to switch the handle so that it's easy for left- or right-handed chefs. Check out this video of how the Cheese Grater can make life easier for you!

Overall, we have really enjoyed Trudeau's Stress Less easy-to-use kitchen tools. We use them daily and I'm always impressed with how easy they are on my wrists. Thank you, Trudeau!

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