Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Blogger Challenge: The Meaning Behind My Blog's Name

Welcome to day four of the Green Blogger Challenge!

The prompt for today is to describe the meaning behind your blog name.

My blog's name is Why We Love Green.

I choose the title because I wanted it to reflect the fact that the blog was about saving money (green) while saving the earth (green).

Read on for more of my explanation...

There are three main aspects of the name, I suppose.

First, I love deals and giveaways, so that aspect of the "green-ness" of my blog, in terms of being frugal was important to me. The internet is a great tool to help us save money, as long as we can use it correctly! I did think that I might be posting more deals, but that turned out to be too time-consuming and not very rewarding for me. Now I only post deals if they are right up my alley/my readers' alley and I believe that they truly warrant a post. Free stuff, like giveaways for green products are always worth posting, in my opinion! Giveaways are really what brought blogs to my awareness in the first place.

Second, protecting the earth is a topic that I knew I could focus on in blogging. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is very important to me. I believe that we really can make a difference in the impact that humans have on the earth. Each person can make a difference, and together we can make a BIG difference! Every day new strides are being made in the areas of conservation and environmentalism. Not to mention all of the recycled products and crafts that are so amazing!

Third, I believe that saving money and saving the earth are not mutually exclusive. Many of the ideas that I write about (or plan to write about) on this blog combine both aspects of being green. I think that many people assume that living in an earth-friendly way is very expensive and requires a fancy car, costly home-repairs, and expensive organic clothing. Sure, those things are great, but there are lots of inexpensive ways that ordinary people can make their lives more eco-friendly. That's what this blog is about.

Let's go green!
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