Sunday, June 3, 2012

Green Blogger Challenge: 15 Facts About Me

Actually, the challenge for today is to write 15 interesting facts about me. Now that ups the ante!

1. I attended the same college-prep school from Pre-K through 12th grade.

2. I almost always wore a plaid skirt to school that entire time. (The pants were ugly.)

3. I lived in Germany for about 9 months after graduating from high school and attended the 13th grade there.

Read on for the other 12...

4. I will be going to Kiel, Germany for a month next summer!
5. I'm a night owl.

6. We recently had to upgrade our recycling set-up from three sorting bins to five. The city doesn't pick up certain things, but we can drop them off at other (separate) locations. Now we have a pack of bins!

7. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are my favorite dancing team! Especially in Top Hat.

8. And going off of that one, I love tuxedos with tails.

9. I worked as a costumer for a theater for 4 years. Men's clothes and costumes from older times (the 20's or the 1790's, for example) have always been more interesting to me than women's clothes from those same times.

10. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not because of the evil, but because of the costumes and the free candy. I'm so glad I have little kids so that I can take them Trick-or-Treating!

11. My dream Halloween costume is to have Little J. dress as a maharaja.

12. My husband and I are both working on our PhDs right now. Only 3 semesters left! (Hopefully!)

13. My favorite color is purple, followed by aqua and gray/grey. (I like grey better.)

14. My favorite fruit is the olive (black only), followed by stone fruits like peaches and apricots.

15. The next craft that I would like to learn is to crochet amigurumi animals. I've bought some supplies, now just need to find the time...
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