Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting Prepared to Cook in a Disaster {Green Blogger Challenge}

It's Green Blogger Challenge: Day 9!

The actual topic for today is to tell about a cooking disaster, but I thought I'd switch it up and write about Cooking IN a Disaster. First, let's talk about building a supply.

Read on for my tips and helpful links...

Being prepared for the worst is really important. Having a stockpile of foods that you normally eat and that are non-perishable is crucial in case there is a natural, man-made, or financial disaster. Many of my friends have had to turn to their food storage when they unexpectedly lose a job or get injured. Sometimes, even if we're trying to save green, we run out of money. And that's why it's imperative to have some food storage, just in case.

So the first step toward being prepared is to get a supply of water and three months of the food that you normally eat. This is a good, accomplish-able step toward being prepared for an emergency. Use your coupons to get extras of foods your family loves. Another great idea is to spend an extra $5 each time you grocery shop, and build up your stash slowly.

Here are some great sites for food storage:

Food Storage Made Easy

Home Storage

Everyday Food Storage

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