Friday, June 15, 2012

Best Day, Worst Injury, and Personal Vision {Green Blogger Challenge}

Hi everyone! I'm a little behind on the Green Blogger Challenge, so I've decided to combine the topics for the 11th, 12th, and 13th into one mega "about me" post, which includes my best day, my worst injury, and my personal vision for myself. Enjoy!

"Best Day of Your Life"
Let me start by saying that I am not a decision maker. I like to have my options open so that I can adapt to any situation as it presents itself. There are others who like to have decisions made so that they feel secure in having a plan. That is not me. So when the Green Blogger Challenge tells me to describe the best day of my life, I panic a little bit. You mean you want me to choose the SINGLE best day of my life? What if I forgot a really good day and I've already committed myself to another day!? Panic! 

So instead of going with my wedding day or the births of my children--because actually making a decision as to which is the best makes me feel carsick--I'm going to go with the one I always tell my German students about during our lesson on the past tense: My 18th birthday. 

The day had been going well so far and during English, the last class of the day, a big pink box of bagels was delivered to me in a florist box, as if it were a bouquet. Not only did we get to all eat bagels in the middle of class, but I was being asked to a dance by my friend Chris! What a surprise! 

After school there was a girl's basketball game. Because our school was so small, we all played, regardless of skill or height. We had a 7-year losing streak, and we didn't break the streak that night, but I did shoot the final buzzer-beater basket and actually made it! (Big deal for me, as I usually scored an average of 2 points per game, even though I was one of our tallest players.)

The game ended and my mom said that my uncle and cousin wanted to take me out for ice cream, so we went to the college creamery across town. As we walked in I realized that there were a ton of people there. I tried to act "normal" in front of all of these college students, but when they started singing, "Happy Birthday," I realized it was a surprise party for me!! Wow, I had never in a million years imagined that my mom would arrange a surprise party for me! All my friends were there from school, from church, from my old neighborhood. It was wonderful. 

And, as you know, when you turn 18 you can officially buy dry ice, so obviously that's why my day was so great. 

{Worst Injury}
Aaaaaand, that "best day" section took longer than I had anticipated! So really fast, my worst injury is also hard to decide on, mostly because I did not get injured that often as a child. I rolled my foot running one time and broke a bone in the top of my foot, I think. We never got it checked out but now I have a weird bone-bump there. I've also swung off a rope swing and bashed my leg into a cement block hiding in the water. Now I have a little notch in my shin. Thanks, concrete.

{Personal Goals}
Where do I see myself by the end of the year? That's an interesting question. I'll still have 2 semesters left on my dissertation, but my husband will only have one semester left. We'll be looking for jobs, looking for places to live, and getting ready for a big change! I'm excited just thinking about the grand adventure we'll be having, but also a little nervous as it might be a permanent decision! Yikes!

If you've made it this far, you are amazing! I'd love to hear about your best day, worst injury, or future plans. Or if you can't *decide* on just one, you can tell me about a lot of them!

Happy days,
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