Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Green Tips to Get Through Life

Here are 5 Green Tips to Get Through Life. 

These little tips are general guidelines about how to get started going green and making that into a part of your everyday life.

Be like this little turtle and take life by the horns stem! 

(Actually I found this picture by searching "start small" and thought it was too cute to leave out of my post. Who can't love a tiny turtle!?)

Read on for my tips and more cute turtles (and other pictures)...

Photos are from Pinterest. Click on each picture to go to the original post/pinner. 

1. Start Small.

There are many many ways to go green. It can be overwhelming thinking of all the things that we should be doing. Begin by picking one or two things you can do. After you have worked those things into your life, add incrementally and keep stretching your green-level. Don't burn out on being green by being too hard on yourself!

2. Make it Personal.

We each have our own areas of green-dom that are most important to us. Some families choose to focus on organic food and natural skincare products, some focus on recycling and composting, and some focus on saving endangered animals. Whatever earth-conscious thing you choose to do, you will feel most fulfilled (and be able to stick with it) if it is something that is personally meaningful for you. Just because someone else is passionate about family cloth does not mean that you can't be green if you'd rather use toilet paper. Follow your own green road.

3. Have Fun.

Perhaps you know that I am obsessed with cloth diapers. Perhaps you have seen that a lot of other mamas who cloth diaper their babies are similarly obsessed. It's because we've turned some horrible bad-for-the-earth chore (i.e., dealing every day with poop) into a hobby. Yes, a hobby! Some moms collect and trade diapers like they are high-value baseball cards. And, no kidding, some diapers do sell for over $400. I may be getting a little carried away here talking about cloth diapers, but my point is that I am able to sustain cloth diapering because it has become something fun. I don't just do it to save the earth or to save money, I do it now because I actually enjoy it and feel like it is a part of who I am. Find something you enjoy that is eco-friendly and make it a hobby. You and the earth will be glad you did!

4. Take the Easy Way Out.

It seems like everyone these days gets a lot of emails requesting a call to action. (And I'm just talking about legitimate emails here, not the person in Nigeria who, dearly beloved, inherited £3 million, etc., etc., etc.) Some of these requests for action require a lot of effort--the ones requesting large monetary donations or require days worth of organizing or work. Do those if you can, of course, but don't let those large requests turn you off of the small requests like "Sign this petition" or "Like this Facebook Page and X Business Will Donate." These good deeds take no more than a few clicks of a mouse and can really make an impact, especially if lots of individuals make that small effort. 

5. But Don't Get Too Cozy! 

(I did promise another turtle picture!) Notice that although this turtle is taking it slow, he's may be taking it too slow. He's too cozy! Let's keep striving to make our lives a little bit more earth-friendly. If we keep progressing, even in baby steps, one day we'll look back and realize what new, green, people we've become. And we will be proud of that change in ourselves and proud of the change we've made for the earth. 

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